Start making profit on our servers

Start making profit on our servers

You know how to sell servers? Perfect!

Offer the visitors of your resources our equipment around the world and make money two ways at once.

How to earn on referral program

Place a referral link on your website, forum or social media profile.

If a visitor, who comes via your link, buys a server from us, you will receive 5 % of the sale. Referral program balance is updated at the end of each month.

  1. Sign in to Hosting control panel.
  2. In the Client section open the Referral program tab and select an available type of a referral program.
  3. The referral link that you can use will be displayed lower.

How to find referral link in the hosting old interface:

Start making profit on our servers

How to find referral link in the hosting new interface:

Start making profit on our servers

Start making profit on our servers

Where to find the amount earned

To understand how much you have earned, click on Income. You can find the number of users, who came via your link, in the Statistics section.

Can the bonus be withdrawn to a bank card?

No. Sales bonus can not be withdrawn to a card. The amount earned will appear in your account. You can use it to pay for our servers and additional hosting services.

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How to earn on reselling

Reselling is purchasing our products with a 5 % discount to resale them.

You will settle accounts with your customers through your billing system.

How to join the reselling program?

  1. Sign in to Hosting control panel.
  2. Inform us that you want to become a reseller by creating a ticket in the control panel and specifying:
    • company name and link to your website;
    • number of visitors;
    • product you want to resell (dedicated or virtual servers);
    • expected monthly sales volume.
  3. After receiving confirmation in the ticket, the discount will be shown on the Discount tab of the Client section in the old interface or in the Discount tab of the Finances and documents section in the new interface.

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How to find out about the supply of servers and openings of new locations

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