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The first European AI Infrastructure cluster is opened

This June, we introduced our exclusive collaboration with Graphcore—the first AI Infrastructure cluster in Europe.

What is AI Infrastructure?

We combined Graphcore IPUs and Gcore Cloud services to build AI IPU infrastructure under unified UI and API for ML acceleration.

Full AI adoption cycle

AI IPU Infrastructure is designed to help businesses across various fields (including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and science) in building proof of concept, AI/ML models deployment, training, and hyperparameter tuning.

With AI Infrastructure, customers can train and compare models or custom code training. All models are stored in one central model repository. Moreover, these models can now be deployed to the same endpoints on Gcore AI Infrastructure.

AI Infrastructure key features and advantages

  • World-class performance for natural language processing
  • Build, train, and deploy ready-to-use ML models via the control panel, API, or Terraform
  • Dataset management and integration with S3/NFS storage
  • Version control: Hardware, Code, Dataset
  • Secure Trusted Cloud platform
  • Free egress traffic (for public or hybrid solutions)
  • SLA 99.9%
  • Made in Europe

About IPU-Pod64

IPU-Pod64 delivers ultimate flexibility to maximize all available space and power, no matter how it is provisioned. 16 petaFLOPS of AI compute for both training and inference to develop and deploy on the same powerful system.

Get ready for production with IPU-Pod64 and take advantage of a new approach to operationalize your AI projects.

The first IPUs are ready to order in Luxembourg.

IPU pricing

IPU Classic Pod16 (Poplar configuration: 2 × 5320, 384 GB RAM, 2 × 960 GB SSD, 2 × 100G) is available to order in Luxembourg starting from €20.20 per hour.

IPU Classic Pod64 (Poplar configuration: 2 × 5320, 384 GB RAM, 2 × 960 GB SSD, 2 × 100G) is available to order in Luxembourg starting from €80.80 per hour.

More configurations

Get started quickly, save on computing costs, and seamlessly scale to massive IPU compute on-demand.

If you have any questions, please fill out this form. Our experts will provide detailed explanations and help with configuration.

Enjoy next-level machine learning with AI Infrastructure proudly made in Europe by Gcore and Graphcore.

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