Two-Step Authentication

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Two-Step Authentication

Two things are vital when choosing CDN for long-term use: performance and security.

To boost the protection of customer accounts, we employ two-step authentication. Moreover, instead of sending passwords via SMS, we rely solely on generating one-time passwords. It’s safer that way.

To activate two-step authentication, go to the Profile Settings in the control panel. Select the “General” tab, enable two-step verification, and follow the setup instructions.

Two-Step Authentication

Upon activation, a six-digit security code has to be entered after you type in the password when signing in.

Two-Step Authentication

Two-step authentication is optional, but we strongly recommend adding this extra layer of security to your account.

You can find more details on this feature here:

When connecting (or switching) to CDN, you can be sure of not only high-performance content delivery, but of reliable account security as well.

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