Unreal Engine Countermeasures: Protecting Your Worlds from Attack

Unreal Engine Countermeasures: Protecting Your Worlds from Attack

Gcore is excited to unveil its advanced countermeasures to fortify Unreal Engine servers against sophisticated DDoS attacks. These specialized tools are integrated into Gcore’s DDoS Protection service and cater specifically to the unique challenges of Unreal Engine games, ensuring a secure environment for developers and players alike.

What are Unreal Engine countermeasures?

A countermeasure is a specialized component of a DDoS protection solution that accounts for the characteristics of specific gaming servers and solves their weaknesses. It improves DDoS security in ways that are particular to the needs of the gaming server(s) in question. In this case, the countermeasure is designed to recognize and deflect attacks targeting Unreal Engine’s specific vulnerabilities.

Why are countermeasures needed for Unreal Engine?

Unreal Engine’s high-performance and real-time networking capabilities make it a frequent target for sophisticated DDoS attacks. Their complex data structures and real-time processing requirements are particularly susceptible to certain types of DDoS attacks:

  • Traffic spoofing and amplification attacks whereby attackers manipulate game traffic to overwhelm server resources.
  • Protocol exploit attacks that target specific weaknesses in the Unreal Engine’s networking protocols.
  • Service interruption attacks aimed at disrupting the seamless multiplayer experience.

So, Unreal Engine demands countermeasures that mitigate threats like traffic spoofing, protocol exploitation, and service interruption.

Unreal Engine tailored solutions

At Gcore, we’ve developed a set of countermeasures tailored specifically for Unreal Engine:

  • Game server replacement. During authentication, we replace the game server, forcing clients to pass the challenge-response mechanism successfully before connecting to the game server.
  • Client connection validation. Our system inspects the authenticity of client connections to detect bot traffic and filter it out from genuine Unreal Engine protocol connections, thwarting attempts by fake clients to infiltrate your server and cause disruption.
  • Built-in protocol advantage. Gcore leverages the Unreal Engine protocol’s built-in support for cookie challenges for enhanced security. This countermeasure ensures that all clients undergo rigorous authentication before interacting with your server:
    • Resilient challenge generation: Our proprietary cookie challenge generator resists replay attacks.
    • Cookie challenge for enhanced security: Every time a new client creates a connection for the Unreal Engine protocol, we send back a custom cookie challenge. The client must successfully respond to this challenge before being allowed to reach the protected server, filtering invalid packets and preventing unauthorized access.
  • CyberOps-driven configuration. Our expert CyberOps team preconfigures these countermeasures, ensuring optimal security settings aligned with Unreal Engine best practices. Customers will have to provide the net.MagicHeader setting from their Unreal Engine project for further validation, ensuring seamless integration with their specific game configuration.

By combining these robust defenses, Gcore DDoS Protection keeps Unreal Engine servers safe from intrusion and manipulation, ensuring a smooth and secure experience for end users.

Secure your gaming world with Gcore

Our Unreal Engine countermeasures offer proven protection, ensuring a seamless and secure gaming experience. With unparalleled security and unwavering protection, we empower developers to focus on crafting immersive worlds while we stand guard against those who seek to destroy them.

Gcore DDoS Protection countermeasures for Unreal Engine are just one set of countermeasures on our extensive list tailored to keep your game servers intact and ensure smooth gaming experiences. Try Gcore DDoS Protection, trusted and endorsed by the global gaming community, today!

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