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  • Edge Delivery (CDN)
  • DNS with failover
  • Virtual Machines
  • Bare Metal
  • Cloud Load Balancers
  • Managed Kubernetes
  • AI Infrastructure
  • Edge Security (DDOS+WAF)
  • FaaS
  • Streaming
  • Object Storage
  • ImageStack (Optimize and Resize)
  • Edge Compute (Coming soon)
Gcore Hosting
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  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • SSL Certificates


Virtual machines in Luxembourg with a 90% discount

For lightly-loaded web servers and any microservices, we suggest using Shared Instances for minimal pricing and unlimited traffic.

You can connect scalable resources in Luxembourg with Ultra drives and public IP addresses for 1 year on even better terms—for just 10% of the standard price.

Virtual machines in Luxembourg with a 90% discount

How do I connect a virtual machine with a 90% discount?

Send an application with the promo code SHARED-LUX and the description of the configuration of your choice to Our experts will contact you and connect a virtual server in Luxembourg with a 90% discount.

Hurry and order them today: the discount applies only to the first 100 applied promo codes.

The maximum connection period with a 90% discount is 12 months.

Buy a virtual machine at a discount

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