Connect SFTP storage to CDN: create a CDN resource and request content from CDN

CDN Resource settings

Navigate to the CDN tab -> CDN Resources. Click on the Create CDN Resource button.


SFTP storage supports only HTTP protocol.

To specify the Origin Source, use the following schema: <storage name>.<hostname>. Both name and hostname can be found on the Storage tab -> Storages -> Details.



If your storage name is 4505-test and hostname —, then you should specify as the Origin Source.

Ream more about personal domain setup in this article.

The Custom Host Header field is auto-filled. 


Request content from CDN

Upload your files to the htdocs directory, but don't specify the directory when requesting the content.


Path to the uploaded file in the storage: 


CDN Custom Domain:

URL to request the file from CDN:
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