Global Centre for Research and Engagement (GCORE) was established in direct response to the challenges and risks loneworkers and fieldworkers face. The founder, Scott Flower, has many years of first-hand experience of these as a researcher and field worker.

Managed by a high-calibre international team and board of directors, GCORE also has an advisory board of global experts in such fields as research management, risk management, counter terrorism, and fieldwork health and safety.

The Global Centre of Research and Engagement (GCORE) concept was first developed by founder and CEO – Scott Flower in 2011. His idea to develop GCORE stemmed from an incident that occurred in 2011, when a PhD Candidate he knew was seriously assaulted while undertaking fieldwork research in Papua New Guinea.

The 2011 incident triggered reflection of his own experiences as a PhD student undertaking research, also in Papua New Guinea. In 2007 he found himself having to cope with events such as being physically assaulted on a local bus, getting caught up in the middle of a bungled armed robbery, being trapped in a market riot in Port Moresby and getting involved in a vehicle accident at night in the jungle, five hours from the closest medical support. At that time, he had more than 10 years’ experience working in hazardous environments with the Australian Army and as a professional guide and mountain rescuer in New Zealand. Contrary to expectations, these prior experiences did little to prepare him for the unique situations he found himself in whilst undertaking field research for his PhD.

By reflecting on these incidents, he realised more acutely how autonomous, isolated and unsupported researchers really are in the field. He resolved to develop a graduate level curriculum to teach, train and support researchers to enable them to work more ethically and perform more efficiently, effectively and safely in complex and less secure field sites.

Through market research and partner engagement, the business model has evolved into an integrated end-to-end solution that supports individuals working off-site.

Who We Are

Executive, Board and Advisory to Board

Ms Linda Wong

Chief Executive Officer
GCORE Global



Dr Scott Flower

Founder and Chair of the Board
GCORE Global


Mr Colin Sampson

Senior VP & Ambassador, SAP Asia Pacific Japan


Ms Tara Garson Flower

VP, SAP Asia Pacific Japan (Maintenance GTM)


Mr Mong-Teck Sim

Managing Partner of Sim Mong Teck and Partners (Lawyers)



Advisory Board Members

Prof Dick Strugnell

Advisor for Graduate Research Studies


Mr Andrew Knight

Advisor in Health and Safety


Dr Lisa Warren

Advisor in Threat Management and Behavioural Aggression


Prof Adam Dolnik

Advisor in Counterterrorism, Hostage Negotiations and Kidnap Survival


Prof Jorge Sanz

Advisor in Strategy and the use of Information Technology


Dr Andrew Peacock

Advisor in preparing for and managing medical problems in austere and challenging environments


Dr Adrian McCallum

Advisor in remote projects and data management in challenging places


Prof Jaya A. R. Dantas

Advisor in International Health


Mr Robbie Sinclair

Advisor in governance, risk and compliance



Mr Dave Simpson

Advisor in systems based risk mitigation