Disaster Recovery

Protect your business IT infrastructure from downtime in the event of failures and crashes.

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Disaster Recovery

3 reasons to have a hot backup


    Protect your business processes from technical failures, data loss, and the human factor.


    In hot standby mode, the backup infrastructure does not consume virtual machine resources.


    Complete recovery in the event of an accident within a few minutes.

How disaster recovery works

    Creating a backup

    A hot backup is created in our cloud (a backup copy of your data that's in constant use). A backup with a selected RPO* is created in the background and does not affect the performance of your system.


    *RPO (recovery point objective) — the acceptable time period in which data might be lost.

    We guarantee an RPO starting within 5 minutes.

    Automatic recovery

    In the event of accidents and failures, the load is automatically transferred to the backup copy of your infrastructure. This is done within the minimum time period defined by RTO*.


    *RTO (recovery time objective) — the acceptable time period for the data recovery.

    We guarantee an RTO starting within 3 minutes.

The recovery is available for any cloud platform

  • Aws
  • Azure
  • VMware
  • KVM
  • openstack
  • alibabacloud
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Replicate any business application

  • active
  • sap
  • saphana
  • oracle
  • oracle
  • vmware
  • microsoft
  • postgre
  • ibm
  • mysql
  • exchange
  • sql
  • office
  • spark
  • jboss
  • ubuntu
  • redis
  • centos
  • nginx
  • apacheTom
  • mongo
  • hadoop
  • apache
  • and much more...

Advantages of our solution

Advantages of our solution

  • Replication of any virtual and physical machines
  • Automatic replication with the defined RPO
  • Automatic recovery with the defined minimal RTO
  • Agent-free replication
  • Cold and hot backup
  • Complete process automation with RESTful API
  • Flexible custom connection options
  • Secure isolated cloud environment
  • Logging and reports on incidents

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    The Gcore team understand our needs and promptly responds to our requests. The infrastructure provisioned meets the highest international standards.

    Terry Kim

    Terry Kim

    Bandai Namco

    We are happy to welcome Gcore as a partner, and to include them into our global infrastructure. Gcore will provide us with server resources enabling us to grow our agnostic method of deploying game sessions closer to players around the world. Gcore’s great and stable network connectivity in upcoming markets in Southern and Eastern Europe, and its proven track record with games like World of Tanks or Black Desert Online, have made them a great addon to our reach in every region of the world. This will help us get one step closer to achieving the best possible coverage with our platform independent approach.

    Ralph Heersink

    Ralph Heersink


    We relied on Zumidian to handle our migration from different hosting providers to Gcore. The key success factors were to save costs and ensure that there was no disruption of our game or as little as possible. Zumidian

    and Gcore helped us save over 40 % of our hosting costs while getting brand new hardware and handled the whole migration with only a 4h disruption of the game during a planned maintenance window.

    Jean-Marc Broyer

    Jean-Marc Broyer

    Reto Moto

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