Edge Network

Edge Network

An all-in-one solution to optimize, distribute and protect your web applications and services

  • Dynamic content delivery network
  • Web application security
  • Fast DNS hosting
  • Cloud object storage
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The Edge Network Platform


Rapidly growing infrastructure with abundant network capacity for better application availability


Comprehensive web application security for static and dynamic content of your online service

Global network

Global network specifically built to provide high availability for enterprise-grade customers


Intelligent routing and load balancing based on our own top-notch DNS service

Gcore Global Network

Global Network

Your networks are at the core of delivering end-user experiences, supporting business initiatives. But often, the performance of your network traffic can be unpredictable due to intermediate networks outside of your control.

  • 140+ PoPs


  • 110+ Tbps

    network capacity

  • 30 ms

    avg. latency worldwide

  • 85%

    avg. cache hit ratio

  • 11000+

    directly connected ISPs

  • 100+

    directly connected IXPs

Meet our network

Content Delivery Network

Our worldwide network of caching servers accelerates the delivery of web assets to a global audience.

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Low Latency

Our caching servers are located close to your users, which means all their requests will be served faster.


Smart Routing

With a large number of peering partners and intelligent routing, our CDN ensures a low latency all around the world.

Lower File Size

Brotli, Gzip and WebP compressions significantly reduce the transferred files size.

Web Application Security

Get your web applications and services protected against DDoS attacks (L3, L4, L7), hacking threats and malicious bot activities.

  • Keep your service available even under the strongest attacks
  • Stay focused on your primary business and not on web security fortifications
  • Protect your application from different attack vectors without harming performance
  • Save money by avoiding costly web filtering and network appliances
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Web protection by Gcore Network
Gcore Global Network
Client's Web Server




New York



United States

Fast DNS hosting

Fast and resilient DNS hosting by Gcore improves performance and availability of your business online.

  • Anycast DNS infrastructure
  • GeoDNS functionality
  • DevOps friendly
  • Wildcard DNS support
  • TTL within 20 seconds
  • Extended API
  • 20 ms

    avg. latency around the world

  • 12 ms

    avg. latency in Europe

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Object Storage

Fast and scalable cloud storage by Gcore gives you an opportunity to store and retrieve any amount of data at any time.

With S3-compatible API, our storage is ready to simplify the development process of cloud-native applications.

  • Compatibile with S3 tools
  • High data durability
  • User-friendly interface
  • Extended API
  • Availability 99,999%
  • Unlimited volume
  • Terraform support
  • 24/7 tech support

Testimonials & Success Stories

    Two years ago, we switched to a new model based on a premium subscription. This business model required us to quickly create new features and to change revenue models when necessary. We were looking for a vendor that would help us make this happen. Gcore met all our requirements.


    Boris van de Ven

    Blammo TV

    The Gcore solution allows us to quickly launch our services. Tests have shown that any of the customers can receive the necessary information instantly, and the infrastructure itself is available in all geographical jurisdictions where we operate. Each country has restrictions on the work with personal data, and, as a rule, we must store it within a specific country. Gcore makes it easy for us to solve this problem. That’s why we chose this company as our cloud partner.


    Nukri Basharuli


    With Gcore, we have managed to standardise our global expansion and cover regions where it would have been very difficult to gain a foothold on our own. The cloud provider has the expertise we need in low latency and high server performance. In addition, it knows the needs of a game hoster in expanding our online business worldwide and has the necessary structures for on-site implementation.


    Marcel Bößendörfer


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