Gcore Managed Kubernetes Now Supports the Latest Kubernetes Version: v1.28

Gcore Managed Kubernetes Now Supports the Latest Kubernetes Version: v1.28

We are pleased to announce that Gcore Managed Kubernetes now supports the latest version of Kubernetes: 1.28.1 (1.28 for short.) The new version is available for both Gcore cluster types: Virtual and Bare Metal instances. You can use Kubernetes (K8s) 1.28 in all regions where our Managed Kubernetes is offered, currently Luxembourg, Manassas, Singapore, and Frankfurt.

To change the current K8s version used in your cluster to the new one:

  1. Go to the Control panel and select the cluster.
  2. In the “General Info” section, click Change.
  3. Under “Kubernetes Version,” select v1.28.1.
  4. Click Change and then Yes, upgrade.

Major Changes in Kubernetes 1.28

The new K8s release has 45 enhancements, with nineteen Alpha (i.e., new,) fourteen graduated to Beta, and twelve achieving Stable status. The main changes and features include:

  • Skew expansion between a core node and control plane. Kubernetes 1.28 expands the supported skew between core node and control plane components by one minor version, from n-2 to n-3. This provides more flexibility in the upgrade process.
  • Recovery from the non-graceful node shutdown is now stable. Stateful workloads can restart on a different node after an unexpected shutdown, keeping the application running.
  • Improvements to CRD validation rules. Two optional fields, reason and fieldPath, have been added to the CustomResourceDefinition (CRD) to allow users to specify the reason and fieldPath when validation fails. This feature helps to cover most validation use cases that may be needed when designing and implementing webhooks.

About Gcore Managed Kubernetes Service

With Gcore Managed Kubernetes, you can quickly deploy, manage, and scale K8s clusters with a 99.9% SLA and free production-grade cluster management. Our Managed Kubernetes automates cluster maintenance and reduces operational overhead. The Gcore team manages the control plane, while you manage only the worker nodes and focus on developing your applications.

Gcore Managed Kubernetes offers the following unique features:

Support for Bare Metal worker nodes in addition to Virtual Instances. The main advantages of Bare Metal worker nodes are:

  • Better latency and performance
  • No any influence of neighboring VMs

Learn more about the difference between Bare Metal and VM-based Kubernetes clusters.

No-fee SLA-backed cluster management. We offer production-level, SLA-backed (99.9%) cluster management without additional charges. Other providers charge more than $70 per month or don’t offer an SLA, stating that their clusters are for test or non-production use.

Great value instance prices for worker modes. Gcore prices for worker nodes are the same as for our cloud Virtual Instances and Bare Metal servers.

Learn more about Gcore Managed Kubernetes.

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