Managed Kubernetes: Support for bare metal nodes and new regions

Managed Kubernetes: Support for bare metal nodes and new regions

We have news to share about new Managed Kubernetes features. The recent upgrade now enables support for bare metal worker nodes, and the platform is built on Cluster API (CAPI). Here’s what this means for you:

Support for bare metal nodes: In addition to virtual machines, you can now run containers on bare metal servers, improving performance, reducing latency, and completely eliminating the “noisy neighbor” effect of virtual machines.

Support for latest Kubernetes versions: Managed Kubernetes now supports Kubernetes 1.24, and soon will support 1.25 and 1.26, giving you access to improved pod scheduling and a lot of other new features.

Production-level cluster management at no cost: Gcore Managed Kubernetes provides full production level SLA-backed cluster management without additional charges. You pay only for worker nodes compute and storage in contrast with other providers charging extra for SLA-backed cluster management.

Cluster API implementation: Managed Kubernetes is built on Cluster API, ensuring high availability and service level agreements.

New Regions: Initially, the service will be accessible from Gcore’s points of presence (PoPs) in Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Singapore, and Manassas. Later, it will be rolled out to 64 additional locations across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, such as London, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and São Paulo.

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