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New high-frequency machines and virtual machines with Intel SGX

New types of virtual machines have been added to our cloud.

Read more about our range of instance configurations available in Luxembourg below.

New high-frequency machines

Now you can connect a high-frequency virtual machine in a basic configuration here in Luxembourg.

New high-frequency machines and virtual machines with Intel SGX

The high clock rate of the CPU (3.7 GHz in the basic configuration) allows the machine to process more operations per second. This type of instance is suitable for those who value the CPU’s high performance and speed.

These virtual machines are perfect for financial and probabilistic analytics, as well as for automation of computational processes. In addition, they will be the ideal solution for applications requiring single-threaded performance. And if you choose a configuration with a large amount of memory, such a high-frequency machine will allow you to efficiently work with large databases.

Virtual machines with Intel SGX

Now you can connect a virtual machine supporting Intel SGX technology in Luxembourg (designation in the configurator: SGX).

New high-frequency machines and virtual machines with Intel SGX

Intel SGX (Security Guard Extension) is a set of processor instructions that can be used by applications to isolate private areas of code and data (enclaves), providing them with better protection against disclosure or modification.

Sensitive data is placed in an enclave and thus receives additional protection against unauthorized access and any external and internal threats.

This type of instance is ideal for those who want to store critical, sensitive data in the cloud. Any confidential information can be placed in enclaves, including customer payment data. All information will be under reliable protection.

For more information on this technology, see the article “Why did we integrate Intel SGX into Gcore Cloud?”.

What other types of virtual machines are available in Luxembourg?

1. General (designation in the configurator: SHR).

They work with partial use of the core and are designed to run applications that do not require high performance. These virtual machines are cheaper than other types.

New high-frequency machines and virtual machines with Intel SGX

2. Standard (designation in the configurator: STD).

Best suited for a wide variety of basic workloads that require predictable computational performance.

New high-frequency machines and virtual machines with Intel SGX

3. CPU-optimized (designation in the configurator: CPU).

Suitable for CPU-intensive tasks and projects that require predictable performance or rely on the CPU rather than RAM or I/O, such as batch processing of large datasets, large assemblies, or video encoding.

New high-frequency machines and virtual machines with Intel SGX

4. RAM-optimized (designation in the configurator: MEM).

Best suited for memory-intensive tasks and projects, such as working with massive databases.

New high-frequency machines and virtual machines with Intel SGX

5. Virtual machines with GPU (designation in the configurator: GPU).

A suitable solution for complex calculations that require graphics accelerator resources. Certain types of tasks (e.g., CAD, AI/ML, rendering) are processed by GPUs more efficiently than by CPUs.

New high-frequency machines and virtual machines with Intel SGX

A customizable cloud for you

Gcore Cloud is a powerful, reliable, secure, and easy to manage infrastructure. You can connect, deploy, and scale virtual machines of any configuration and with any OS in just a few clicks.

In this case, you pay only for the resources used, while monthly reports will help you forecast workload and plan your budget more accurately.

How pricing works

The price of a virtual machine depends on:

  • the number of cores
  • the amount of memory
  • the operating system
  • the time of use

Attached drives and “white” IP addresses are charged separately.

How billing works

We use the PAYG (pay-as-you-go) model—per-minute billing with payment only for the resources used.

How to order a virtual machine in Luxembourg

If you are already signed up for our cloud, you can build a virtual machine in the control panel.

New customers can choose a suitable solution in the configurator.

High-frequency virtual machines are currently only available in Luxembourg. But soon it will be possible to connect them in Manassas (USA).

Get a free consultation on the best configurations for your project or sign up for Gcore Cloud now.

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