Promo: 10% discount for any platform product

Subscribe to our services for 10% less than the price of your current provider. To do this, simply send us the most recent invoice for the services.

Offer conditions

Anyone who pays their current provider more than $250 for services can get the discount. This offer is valid for new customers only.

You need to send a scanned invoice with the amount of $250 or more, and we will offer you a similar service with a 10% discount.

For example, if you currently pay $270 per month for renting a virtual instance in the cloud, you will receive a similar instance for $243.

Products on offer

The offer is valid for all platform services:

Hosting service isn’t on offer.

How to get a discount

  1. Scan the most recent invoice from your current provider.
  2. Send it to
  3. Our manager will contact you shortly, provide the discount, and help you get the product.

Get a 10% discount

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