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Broadcast video in Full HD, 4K, 360° and 3D without delays

Streaming Platform supports streaming with adaptive bitrate up to 4K. Integration with CDN provides instantaneous video delivery to anywhere in the world. Your viewer will be able to watch broadcasts in Full HD, 4K, 360° or 3D without delays and buffering.

How to start a broadcast in 5 minutes?

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What settings are best for streaming?

Content is delivered to viewers via our CDN. You can set the required cache settings in one click: in the Streaming section, click the Prepare button opposite the required CDN resource on the CDN resource settings tab. Read more about CDN integration in the knowledge base.

If you plan to use the CDN resource only for delivering online broadcasts, we also recommend setting up caching via RAM. This can be done using the Live Streaming preset in the CDN control panel.

How to start streaming?

The platform accepts video streams from a large number of streaming applications such as OBS, Wirecast, and Larix. Or you can simply stream using the built-in webcam.

All information on setting up and starting broadcasts can be found in the knowledge base.

Which video transmission protocols are used for streaming?

We deliver live streams using HTTP adaptive video streaming technologies such as HLS (Apple HTTP Live Streaming), MPEG-DASH (MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP), and WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications).

The platform uses transcoding, so you can transmit your stream via a protocol that suits you: RTMP, RTSP, HLS, or SRT. We transcode it into the required format so that the video is available on any device. Read more about creating live streams in the knowledge base.

How to start streaming via OBS?

Please use the designated manual.

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