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Simplify and accelerate your game development for any platform. Use Gcore Virtual Machines, Bare Metal servers, and GPU instances to build, test, and deploy games without worrying about hardware limitations.



Host multiplayer games for a global audience with our broad geographic coverage and low-latency CDN network. Deliver a seamless multiplayer experience to gamers in any location.



Use our Cloud services — like Managed Kubernetes and Load Balancers — to scale your game based on player demand. Let Gcore’s modern and versatile infrastructure help your project grow.

The benefits of game production and distribution in the cloud


Collaborate seamlessly with game developers, designers, artists, and other collaborators on any part of your project from any location.

Pay-as-you-go plan

Consume cloud resources when needed with our pay-as-you-go plan and analyze resource usage in detail.


Flexibly select and adapt different flavors of CPU and GPU resources for workstations and game streaming servers.

Storage simplicity

Use shared storage for simplified collaborative access to CI/CD artifacts and game assets.


Experience scalable cloud game servers guaranteeing a seamless multiplayer experience and effortless scaling based on player requirements.

Low-latency network

Get low-latency game updates, patches, and downloadable content to gamers around the world with our CDN.

Raise your game with
a cloud-centric approach

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Everything you need for
full-cycle game development

Services to help you at every development stage, from building a game prototype to running a global multiplayer title.

DDoS protection

Advanced DDoS protection at L3, L4, and L7 levels secures your gaming infrastructure against all attacks: on IP/ICMP and TCP/UDP connections, and on applications.

Cloud infrastructure

High-performance Virtual Instances and Bare Metal servers, including those powered by NVIDIA A100 and H100 GPUs, to develop and stream graphically-intensive games.

Content delivery

CDN with more than 110 Tbps of global network capacity provides your audience with the shortest waiting time for long-awaited game DLC and hotfixes.


Pay-as-you-go plans with hourly billing. Gcore prices are 30% lower than the big three cloud providers.

Global presence

160+ CDN and 25+ cloud locations in Europe, Asia, the US, and Latin America to accommodate the locations of your users.

Reliable provider

Gcore is GDPR, PCI DSS, and ISO/IEC 27001 compliant. Our data centers are Tier III and Tier IV certified.

How can GameDev companies gain advantages from Gcore Cloud?

“Gcore’s support was instrumental in successfully expanding our game to a new region. They were always available to discuss and agree on our requirements in person and provided a dedicated team of project managers and engineers. We highly recommend Gcore as the best choice for anyone seeking reliable cloud services.”

David Salz

Sandbox Interactive

“I’m happy with the Gcore public cloud, both in terms of basic functionality and the analytics and billing model provided. In your personal account, you can see visual graphs that display the statistics of resources consumed. It’s clear what and where we launched and how it works.”

Dmitry Kuryanovich


“The performance of the hardware combined with the significantly better price-performance ratio of Gcore is the main reason that we don’t rent our infrastructure from one of the hyperscalers.”

Marcel Bößendörfer


Cloud services to build better games

GPU Intances

Managed Kubernetes

DDoS Protection

Virtual Machines

Object Storage

Block Storage

Load Balancers

Virtual Private Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions 

It depends on what the workstation is being used for:

  • If you need workstations for developers to run a graphically intensive game engine, GPU-powered instances are a better choice. You can use Virtual Machines or Bare Metal servers with a GPU module. VMs are faster to scale, while our Bare Metal servers are more powerful.
  • If you need instances for game designers or other staff members who don’t use a graphically intensive game engine, a standard CPU virtual machine would be a good choice.

You can deploy Unity, Unreal Engine, O3DE, CryENGINE, Godot, GameMaker, and other game engines compatible with Windows and Linux cloud instances.

You can develop games for any platform, including mobile, desktop, console, and web.

If your game infrastructure needs automatic scaling, Gcore Managed Kubernetes is a good choice. Managed Kubernetes can adjust your resources as player demand rises and falls, as you release new versions of games, and face unexpected workload spikes.

Gcore offers advanced DDoS Protection that secures your game and infrastructure against L3, L4, and L7 DDoS attacks. Learn how it works or explore a real-life use case: Gcore Thwarts 500 Million PPS DDoS Attack on Gaming Company.

Gcore Cloud provides strong security, protecting our customers’ services and data on multiple levels:

Physical security:

  • Compliance with GDPR, PCI DSS, and ISO/IEC 27001
  • Tier III and Tier IV certified data centers

Infrastructure security:

  • Virtual Private Cloud with secure access to virtual instances; the Gcore team doesn’t have access to your Virtual Machine or Bare Metal server operating system and data
  • Intel SGX instances support to protect your sensitive data better

Network security:

Focus on your game development

We take care of the infrastructure environment in a location convenient to you.