Game server

DDoS Protection

Guaranteed protection for your gaming infrastructure against all types of DDoS attacks.

We protect your servers against all types of DDoS attacks

  • Flood/Volumetric attacks on network interfaces

  • Connection attacks on TCP/UDP

  • High- and low-frequency attacks on the application

  • albion1
  • wargaming
  • redfox

According to Statista, 79% of all DDoS attacks occur in the gaming industry. Choose a reliable DDoS protection and don't worry about server security ever again.

Benefits for your business

Proprietary DDoS protection solution

Over 1 Tbps total filtering capacity

Attack-protected servers are always in stock in our data centers

Blocking by sessions, not by IP addresses

False positive rate is less than 0,01%

Load balancing algorithms (Round Robin, Weighted Round Robin, and IP Hash)

Real-time statistics in the control panel

Server protection in your data center through the GRE tunnel

SLA 99.99%

API integration

Cloud signaling

24/7, high-qualified technical support

The games we protect

Wargaming games
All HL1/HL2 games and mods
Game Protection
Game Protection
GTA V: FiveM
Game Protection
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Counter-Strike 1.6
Game Protection
Team Fortress 2
Source Query
Left 4 Dead 2
Source Query
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Game Protection
Rag Doll Kung Fu
Source Query
The Ship
Source Query
Garry’s Mod
Game Protection
Nuclear Dawn
Source Query
Dino D-Day
Source Query
Arma 3
Source Query
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Source Query
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Space Engineers
Source Query
7 Days to Die
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Quake Live
Source Query
ARK: Survival Evolved
Game Protection
Game Protection