Dedicated Servers

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Superb connectivity

Connectivity is tested between the potential client’s server and our nodes.

Dedicated Servers

Why choose our dedicated servers?

Various configurations

A variety of upgradeable configurations from leading manufacturers​: Dell, Supermicro, and Intel.

Fast network connectivity

Guaranteed bandwidth​ of 200+ Mbps.

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection for servers in Europe and the US.

Worldwide availability

Servers are available in over 20 global locations.

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What makes our dedicated servers different?

Our dedicated servers are designed by techies for techies. You get unlimited server usage options with the combined power of the latest Intel® Xeon® CPUs and fast memory. To maximize the potential of your server, choose the appropriate traffic plan and consider our additional services, like server upgrades, BGP, and LACP.

What makes our dedicated servers different?

The technologies behind our dedicated servers

Up-to-date components

Powered by high-performance CPU, RAM, HDD, SSD, and network cards to handle projects of various sizes.

GPU support

There are servers with external NVIDIA GPU and built-in Intel GPU that suit AI/ML and graphics-intensive tasks.

Hardware and software RAID

RAID helps to organize disk space better by splitting or combining disks. You can choose hardware and software RAID.

Wide range of OS

Gcore servers support Ubuntu, Debian, and Windows operating systems.

Gcore products are trusted by

  • wargaming
  • api-video
  • bandai-namco
  • redfox
  • warpcache
  • orange
  • nordeus
  • jsdelivr
  • avast
  • nanobit
  • sandbox
  • nitrado
  • graphcore
  • esante
  • photon

Additional Gcore solutions to consider

Superfast CDN

Deliver heavy content anywhere in the world faster than the competition

All-in-one Streaming Platform

Deliver 4K video worldwide without buffering or delays

Next-generation protection

Protect your website or app against bots and DDoS attacks of any complexity

Frequently Asked Questions 

A dedicated server is a subset of a web hosting service, a physical server dedicated to a single customer. The customer controls the server’s hardware, software, and operating system.

Сompared to its primary alternative, a virtual server (VPS,) a dedicated server has the following advantages:

  • Improved performance: A dedicated server doesn't have to share its physical resources with other customers, so the owner gets 100% of the server’s performance.
  • More control: A dedicated server gives customers complete control over its environment. Customers can choose their own operating system, software, and security settings.
  • Better security: With complete control over the server’s hardware and software, users can deploy advanced security measures to protect their data and that of their customers. Also, because a dedicated server is not shared with other customers, it’s more protected from security breaches that can potentially spread between VPSs.

    Business benefits of a dedicated server may include:

  • Lower costs: Over time, a dedicated server can help to reduce costs by improving the performance, security, and reliability of the services deployed on the server.
  • Improved user experience: A dedicated server can help to improve user satisfaction by providing faster functioning of deployed web services. For example, websites on dedicated servers may run faster.

To set up and configure a dedicated server:

  • Choose a plan in the Control panel or this page.
  • Check the chosen parameters in the order.
  • Pay for the server.

    After payment, the server will be activated. This takes up to three hours, but can be as fast as fifteen minutes. To learn more about the setup and configuration process, refer to our documentation.

Managed and unmanaged dedicated servers differ in the level of support and responsibility a provider offers. Generally, managed servers are for those who want to focus on their business and leave server management to the provider. Unmanaged servers are recommended for professionals with the technical expertise to manage the server themselves. Also, unmanaged servers give more control and customization options for the customer.

Gcore offers unmanaged dedicated servers. To learn more about tools for managing servers, refer to our documentation.

Cloud solutions, shared hosting, virtual servers, and dedicated servers are all different hosting solutions that offer varying levels of performance, security, and cost. The choice between them depends on your business needs, budget, and technical expertise.

Here are the main differences that should inform your decision:

  • Cloud solutions like virtual machines and bare metal servers have superior scalability and flexibility. They are ideal for applications with unpredictable traffic and resource requirements.
  • Shared hosting is the least expensive option, but also the least controllable and customizable. It’s suitable for small websites with low traffic.
  • Virtual servers (VPSs) are similar to shared hosting but with more control and customization options. VPSs are suitable for websites with moderate traffic and resource needs.
  • Dedicated servers are physical servers solely dedicated to one customer or application. Suitable for websites with high traffic and resource needs. They offer high levels of security and customization.

    Besides dedicated servers, Gcore provides virtual servers and various cloud solutions.

Server uptime refers to the duration during which a server is functioning and accessible to users. It’s commonly represented as a percentage, with 100% uptime being the ideal scenario. We guarantee 99.9% uptime for our dedicated servers.

Server uptime is important for dedicated servers because businesses often use these servers to run websites and applications around the clock. Any downtime can result in lost revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Dedicated servers are generally more secure than shared hosting and virtual servers. Dedicated servers are not vulnerable to attacks from other customers or attacks that affect other customers.

Gcore also provides basic DDoS Protection that protects dedicated servers from DDoS attacks. When a server is attacked, the system blocks its IP, so the attacker cannot continue the attack.

You can also order advanced DDoS Protection, which is paid. The main advantage of advanced DDoS Protection is that the IP is not blocked during an attack, and the server and any application running on it remain available. To learn more about DDoS attacks and how DDoS protection works, read our article.

Yes. You can change a certain specification of a dedicated server. Our engineers will help you to change the hardware; this service is paid. You can also change the parameters of the internet plan on your own and for free. Learn more about upgrading your dedicated server.

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