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Upgrade your Dedicated Server

You can change a particular specification of a Dedicated Server. Our engineers help to change the hardware, this is a paid service. You can change the parameters of the Internet tariff on your own with no charge for switching from the old tariff.

Change hardware specifications

You can set up RAID or change its type, increase the volume and number of disks, increase the amount of RAM, change SSD drives to HDDs and vice versa, and install 10 Gbps network cards.

Changing specifications includes six steps:

1. You select the desired specifications in the Dedicated Servers section of our website. 10 Gbps network cards are not listed there, but they can be installed too. New specifications must not be lower than the current ones.

Dedicated Servers section

2. Contact the technical support to upgrade your server. To do this, open the "Support tickets" section, click "Add" and specify the server ID and the desired specifications in the request.

Contact the technical support

3. We check the characteristic of your server and tell whether it supports the required components and whether the components are in stock. If all goes well, we will begin the registration of the upgrade. If not, we will tell you what components can be installed instead of the requested ones.

4. We will name the cost of the new configuration and agree with you on the time and date of the upgrade — the server will be unavailable during this period because it will be disconnected from the power so our engineers would be able to replace components.

5. You pay a fee for the upgrade. The price depends on your provider: for "Gcore USD" — 150 dollars, for "Gcore" — 150 euros (the price may change, we will name the exact amount). You can check your provider in a Control Panel in the "Dashboard" section. We will warn you about the payment in chat, the money must be transferred to the account balance.


6. We upgrade your server, check its performance and bring it back to you for use.

Important details:

  • If you change HDD disks to SSD or vice versa, the new disks will be blank. Make a backup of the old ones so as not to lose data.
  • If the new specifications include more disks, another type of disks, or more hard disk space than the previous ones, new partitions will not be mounted automatically after installation. You will need to expand the logical partitions of the disk inside the OS or create a new partition on your own.
  • When upgrading, you can only increase the characteristics — we cannot remove components from the servers or change them to weaker ones.
  • The price of the server will increase and the date in the "End date" column (the date until which the service was paid for) will change — it will be calculated taking into account the new price. Example: 300 euros were written off from your balance for a monthly server rent on the first of the month, and you upgraded on the 10th. The server price has risen from 300 euros up to 400 euros. Previously, the date of the 1st was in the "End date" column because 300 euros were enough for a month of server rent. Now the price has risen so the system recalculates the date: it subtracts payment for 10 days of using the server at the old price from your 300 euros and calculates how many days the rest of the money is enough for, taking into account the new price. It turns out 200 euros left, which will be enough for 15 days of server rent at the new price. That is, the server rent is paid by the 26th. This date will appear in the "End date" column. Now a monthly payment of 400 euros will be written off on the 26th.
Dedicated Servers

Change your Internet plan

You can change the Internet tariff (choose a different traffic package and bandwidth) on your own:

1. Click on the line with the required server and click the "Edit" button.

Edit button

2. In the "Add-ons" section, select the desired Internet tariff in the "Traffic" line. The description contains the bandwidth, the included traffic package, and the price for overcommit.

Please note: The traffic package is indicated for a calendar month, and not for a month from one payment for rental of the server to another. If you spend more traffic than specified in the tariff in a calendar month, the system will write off the money for overcommit.

3. After choosing the tariff, the section "Order Information" will appear. The price and features of the tariff are indicated there. Check it and click "To shopping cart".

Order Information

4. Pay for the order. The new internet tariff will be turned on immediately after payment. Further write-offs for it will occur simultaneously with the write-off for the rental of the server, the date of the monthly write-off is indicated in the "End date" column.

Pay for the order.

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