Gcore and Luxembourg-based AI Startup LetzAI Form Strategic Partnership

We’re excited to announce our strategic partnership with Luxembourgish company LetzAI, the developer of a groundbreaking AI image generation platform. With Gcore’s support, LetzAI aims to shape the future of the Luxembourgish AI industry and accelerate its mission to develop one of the world’s most comprehensive generative AI platforms. Gcore and LetzAI together anticipate additional future collaborations and the collective creation of innovative AI products.

What Is the LetzAI Generative AI Platform?

LetzAI is a generative AI platform based on the Stable Diffusion 1.5 model. It’s primarily focused on producing highly personalized images to reflect personal experiences and environments or, for example, a company’s unique brand.

The platform’s key feature is that it allows users to train a custom model and then use that model to create images. This is the main difference between LetzAI and platforms like Midjourney or DALL-E, which are incapable of creating personalized content. In contrast, LetzAI allows users to add to generated content their own photos, their products, or anything else they own—privately and securely.

LetzAI is currently open to users within BENELUX (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) and DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland.) The partnership with Gcore will allow LetzAI to make its technology available to a larger audience and expand into new regions.

How and Why Are Gcore and LetzAI Collaborating?

Gcore provides LetzAI with its AI infrastructure, powered by NVIDIA H100 in the cloud for training and L40S at edge locations for inference. This enabled LetzAI to launch the latest version of the platform, LetzAI V2, which serves more users and enables broad professional use cases. In return, LetzAI is committed to providing valuable insights from ongoing testing.

LetzAI already works well with people, animals, or art styles but is less accurate with text, locations, or objects. The collaboration with Gcore will allow LetzAI to expand its research efforts, improve their model training process, and start resolving their limitations to deliver comprehensive AI image generation for end users.

Seva Vayner, product director of Edge Cloud and AI at Gcore, emphasizes the transformative potential of their collaboration: “Our partnership with LetzAI will propel Luxembourg’s AI prowess onto the global stage. Through collaborative innovation, we’ll reshape the AI landscape.”

Misch Strotz, CEO of LetzAI, remarks: “Gcore has been an invaluable partner, seamlessly aligning with our company culture and shared vision. Together, we’re committed to democratizing this exciting technology, unlocking its potential for all.”

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The strategic partnership between Gcore and LetzAI will positively impact the global AI industry. With Gcore’s extensive AI infrastructure, LetzAI aims to expand its innovative image generation platform, enhancing its capability and reach. The collaboration will empower users to generate highly personalized content.

The NVIDIA H100 GPUs used by LetzAI are part of Gcore’s AI GPU infrastructure. This is NVIDIA’s most advanced GPU, offering the highest performance and fastest networking currently available, which makes the H100 ideal for training advanced generative AI and large language models. You can choose from H100-powered Virtual Instances or Bare Metal Servers that offer different configurations to meet the needs of your AI/ML workloads. H100 GPUs also power Gcore Managed Kubernetes worker nodes.

Visit LetzAI’s website to try their AI image generation platform. Check out the FAQ page to learn more about how the platform works.

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