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Why Gcore


Video streaming Infrastructure for

TV channels & Online Broadcasters

Streaming platform designed to remove your current limitations & enable scalable live broadcasts up to 100 million simultaneous viewers by switching the old hardware to cloud-based solution.

Video streaming Infrastructure for TV channels & Online Broadcasters

Key benefits

  • Low-latency content delivery in high-quality

    Live broadcasting with 0.5 to 4 seconds latency, ensuring an enhanced viewer experience.

  • Scalability & fast delivery

    Multicast broadcasting of your streams to millions of viewers, while eliminating any video content delivery disruptions for time-sensitive content - sport games, betting, gaming, news, auctions, interactive shows, etc.

  • Go live in minutes instead of months

    Shorten time-to-market by allowing us do all the setup works and letting your developers deal with more important business tasks.

  • Controlling costs

    Save without compromising on video quality due to our free of charge adaptive bitrate encoding.

Apply cutting-edge broadcasting technologies without investing in infrastructure

You get cutting-edge broadcasting solution without investing in expensive infrastructure. Delay in delivery to the end viewer is at most of 0.5 to 4 seconds of latency. At the same time, high-quality audio and video up to 4K/8K is maintained.

Broadcast any type of content at ease

To minimize any disruptions for video content sensitive to delays (sport games, betting, gaming, news, auctions, interactive shows), we use top-notch technology to minimize such disruptions: LL HLS, MPEG-DASH CMAF, HESP and low-latency CDN.

  • Large-scale sport events

    Low latency broadcasting of all kinds of sports and e-sports competitions for a global audience of up to 1M+ active viewers worldwide.

  • News

    Broadcasting news events, such as press conferences, rallies, and breaking news, to viewers in real-time with low latency.

  • Live concerts and festivals

    Broadcasting concerts and music festivals to fans worldwide in real-time with low latency, ensuring  high-quality audio & video, and scalability for large audiences.

  • Community events and celebrations

    Low latency broadcasting of community events and celebrations such as parades, festivals, and holiday events for remote viewers.

Features to deliver high-quality, uninterrupted content

  • Low latency broadcasting to any device

    High quality Broadcasting to any device: Smart TVs, Set Tob Boxes, Web, iOS, Android, and consoles.

  • Anti AdBlock

    We implement the classic Client-Side Ad Insertion (CSAI) scheme. Additionally, we provide Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI).


    The technology allows integrating ads into streams so that Adblock cannot cut them from the video.

  • Formats and codecs

    We support a wide range of video codecs: from H.264/AVC to HEVC, AV1, VP9, Apple ProRes 422, and others.


    Support for AAC, MP3 audio codecs is also included.

  • Content protection

    We use AES, HLS Encryption, and DRM to protect your video content from illegal viewing and copying.

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Get seamless playback with adaptive bitrate streaming

Adaptive bitrate streaming ensures that viewers with slower internet connections can watch content seamlessly without buffering, while viewers with high-speed internet can watch the highest quality available up to 4K.

    Allows viewers with slower internet connections to watch content without buffering
    High-speed internet viewers can watch the highest quality available (up to 4K)
    Adaptively switch between renditions based on viewer's internet speed

Optimize your content strategy with detailed analytics and reporting

The Streaming Platform provides detailed analytics and insights about the audience and their preferences. You can track which content is performing well, which regions are generating more revenue, and adjust your content strategy accordingly.

    Provides detailed analytics and key metrics: the number of viewers, their respective web browsers and operating systems, geographical locations, and popular videos
    Can be used to inform strategic decisions related to content creation, marketing efforts, and audience engagement
    Available via API and can be integrated with any other statistics collecting or analyzing tool

Establish your brand with custom branding

Our advanced video player is fully customizable. You have the freedom to tailor it to match your brand identity perfectly. This allows you to offer a seamless viewing experience to your viewers and establish your brand as a credible content source.

    Customize the player to match brand identity
    Offer a seamless viewing experience to viewers
    Establish brand as a credible source of content

Monetize your content

Use our advanced advertising technology to serve targeted ads to your viewers, increasing engagement and revenue. Customize ad placement with access to real-time analytics to optimize ad performance.

    Implementation of the AVOD monetization model
    Support for external advertising SSP platforms (e.g., Google Ads or Criteo)
    Integration via VAST and VPAID
    Post-roll, pre-roll, middle-roll, and pause-roll
    Insertion via advertising tags within the SCTE-35 stream

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