How to improve the customer experience with video communication

How to improve the customer experience with video communication

We have developed a one-stop solution that improves the customer experience with video communication so that you can better serve clients.

How to improve the customer experience with video communication

Who Meet can help

Meet is ideal for any business that relies on video calls for sales, technical support, or office video meetings.

With its extensive technical capabilities, Meet allows you to deal with the challenges many industries encounter.

E-commerce, finance, telemedicine. Personally advise clients on any questions. In-browser video consultations help increase conversion as clients do not need to install an application.

Online education. Hold webinars, presentations, and online lessons with a large number of participants (up to 10 speakers and 100 attendees simultaneously). Add attendees without registration. Share screens or use the built-in chat to communicate with participants.

Small and medium businesses. Cut down on corporate video conferencing costs. Install Meet on your own server. Make and receive in-browser calls that are in line with corporate policies and security requirements. There is no time limit for the call.

Entertainment. Watch live broadcasts of sporting events, concerts, and games with others and discuss the action in the chat room. Involve your customers and partners in the discussion.

How to improve the customer experience with video communication

Advantages over other services

  • Seamless integration with your website or application
  • Support for all browsers on desktops, smartphones, and tablets
  • Clients do not need to sign up to participate in a video call
  • Private meeting rooms secured with a PIN code
  • Ability to install on your server
  • Branding and customization
  • Built-in text chat with participants
  • Screen sharing in high definition

Upcoming features

  • Integration with Office 365, Gmail, Bitrix, Salesforce, Telegram, Slack
  • Re-broadcasting video conferences to social media
  • API for creating new rooms
  • Recording a video broadcast

Improve the customer experience and increase sales with video calls. For integration, fill out a sign-up request.

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