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Gcore Cloud is a ready-made infrastructure for creating and scaling games around the world.

Our cloud services will not only help you create games for less money, but also instantly scale if you succeed.

<span class="text_orange">Gcore Cloud</span> is a ready-made infrastructure for creating and scaling games around the world.

How to ensure the perfect gaming experience for players

Ensure minimal ping to the game server and stable application performance with load balancing, CDN, and secure isolated networks.

How to save on gaming infrastructure

Pay only for computing resources that are actually consumed
Choose reliable data centers close to users
Spend 30% less

How to automate cloud infrastructure management

The Cloud control panel is integrated with other infrastructure products: CDN, Streaming, Storage, DDoS Protection, and DNS Hosting
The interface is easy to use
Monitoring allows you to control resource performance in real time
Integration is conducted via API
You can also automate infrastructure management via Terraform

Game development solutions

Typical architecture of an end-to-end solution

How website loading speed affects sales

We guarantee

Top-notch technical support

World-renowned developers and publishers choose us

RedFox Games
Reto Moto

How we solve game development tasks

How Gcore public cloud helped Wargaming to accelerate product testing and work with partners more efficiently

Wargaming is a well-known multiplayer game developer and publisher. In over 20 years, they have launched more than 15 games for various platforms. Among them are such hits as World of Tanks, World of Warships, and World of Warplanes.

  • Founded:


    1998 in Minsk

  • Headquarters:


    Nicosia, Cyprus

  • Business:


    Video game development and publishing

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Develop and distribute games in our Cloud.
And grow faster.

Instructions for configuring and managing cloud services can be found in the knowledge base.