Five New Edge Network Points of Presence

Five New Edge Network Points of Presence

We’re delighted to announce the launch of five new points of presence (PoPs) for our state-of-the-art Edge Network. These strategic locations, designed to elevate the user experience for end users globally, stretch across continents—from the US East Coast to the Himalayas.

Our core mission is to deliver content efficiently, with minimal latency and top-notch speed, regardless of where users are located. These five PoPs are a leap forward in making fast, secure internet available to everyone. Here are our latest locations:

  • Boston, US
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • San José, Costa Rica
  • San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Thimphu, Bhutan

Let’s look at what each new PoP offers the local internet infrastructure and see how local internet speeds have changed.

Boston, US: Bridging the Digital Divide

Scenic view of Boston, US.

Our new point of presence in Boston targets the Northeastern United States, a hub of innovation, education, and technology. Remarkably, while over 97% of the Massachusetts population has internet access, only 26% enjoy affordable, high-speed broadband.

With this Boston PoP, we’re addressing this imbalance by improving broadband efficiency and speed. Since its deployment, we’ve observed a solid 36 ms average response time, coming alongside and even outperforming competitors, and making the experience smoother and more enjoyable for end-users in the Northeastern United States.

Graph comparing the 90th percentile response times of Gcore vs multiple CDNs in Boston, to evaluate their performance
Fig.1. Comparison of 90th percentile response times of various CDNs in Boston, MA, showing Gcore as the fastest provider in September 2023

Dublin, Ireland: Supporting Ambitious Digital Goals

View of Dublin cityscape.

Internet connectivity in Ireland is robust, extending to 85% of households, and Digital Ireland Framework (Ireland’s national digital strategy) has set ambitious targets in digital education, broadband coverage, digital services, business, and the enforcement of EU regulations. It’s safe to say that the country’s online connectivity and reliance on the internet is set to grow substantially. Our Dublin PoP makes a contribution to this burgeoning online culture, and the impact has already been notable: Gcore’s response times have dropped from 45 ms to 26 ms and are the fastest in the region.

Graph showing Gcore’s 75 percentile response time drop from 45 to 26 ms after PoP launch, now outperforming rivals
Fig.2. 75th percentile response time showing Gcore’s competitive edge after PoP launch in late August 2023

San José, Costa Rica: A Strong and Growing Market

Aerial view of San José, Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica, where steady yearly increase of online users of almost 9% and internet penetration already stands at almost 90%, robust internet services are no longer a luxury but a necessity. Our San José PoP has already made waves: users across the country are enjoying a noticeable reduction in latency from 75 ms to 54 ms. They’re also enjoying increased data transfer speeds, elevating the overall digital experience.

Graph illustrating a decrease in mean response time from 75 ms to 54 ms after the launch of PoP in Costa Rica in August
Fig. 3. Mean CDN response time before and after PoP launch in late August, including competitor’s data.

San Salvador, El Salvador: Meeting Rising Digital Demand

Photo of Palacio Nacional in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Over 4.5 million El Salvador residents use the internet, and the local internet usage rate of 71% illustrates substantial future growth potential. Our new PoP aims to capitalize on the growing local demand for online services by offering faster and more reliable internet. Since its inauguration, we’ve seen a substantial reduction in latency and a noteworthy improvement in response time to 15 ms—almost half the regional average.

Graph demonstrating the improvement of Gcore’s 10th percentile response time from 35 ms to 15 ms after PoP launch compared to competitors
Fig. 4.  Comparing 10th percentile response time across different services in El Salvador, with Gcore now twice as fast as competitors.

Thimphu, Bhutan: Navigating New Digital Frontiers

View of Thimphu, Bhutan.

Bhutan serves a rapidly expanding online population that more than doubled in the past five years, reaching over 670,000 internet users (85% of the population). Recognizing this surge in digital engagement, our new point of presence in Thimphu is more than just an infrastructure upgrade; it’s an investment in Bhutan’s digital future.

Since its establishment, the Thimphu PoP has been pivotal in reducing latency and increasing data transfer speeds. Gcore is keeping up with and often outperforming the competition with 65 ms latency, ensuring that this burgeoning online community experiences the internet at its best.

Line graph showing 75th percentile latency of CDN platforms in Thimphu
Fig. 5. Performance metrics of CDN platforms in Thimphu from August and September 2023, measured in 75th percentile latency.

Elevate Your Global Footprint with Our Extended Edge Network

Our new points of presence in Boston, Dublin, Thimphu, San Salvador, and San José underscore our commitment to fast and reliable content delivery for your clients, wherever they may be.

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