Access to statistics on unique visitors and views

Access to statistics on unique visitors and views

Due to numerous requests from customers from various industries, we’ve improved the “Extended Statistics” CDN feature.

Now, for the selected CDN resource, you can find out statistics on unique visitors, requests, and traffic separately for each of the following parameters: “Geography”, “Directories”, “Devices”, “Browsers”, and “Operating systems”.

To streamline traffic analysis, we completely redesigned the logic and design of the reports.

Access to statistics on unique visitors and views
Updated UI of the “Extended Statistics” feature

To understand the dynamics of the metric changes, in addition to the total value for the selected period, we added values by series.

What questions do reports now answer?

  • How many unique viewers have watched the stream or visited a section of the website?
  • Is the increase in traffic fuelled by the increase in the number of visitors?
  • Users from which countries accessed the service?
  • Which devices, browsers, and applications are the most popular among your users?
  • How did the number of visitors, or requests to a resource or directory, or the amount of traffic change during the selected period of time?
Access to statistics on unique visitors and views
Extended statistics on unique visitors

Who will this feature help to better understand their audience?

  • Online streamers
  • Game developers
  • Online stores
  • Entertainment websites

How do I enable the updated feature?

The “Extended statistics” feature is available for €200 per month if the Gcore CDN service is connected and active.

If you want to clearly see the benefits of extended statistics, see demo reports with random data in the control panel.

When will the “Extended statistics” interface be completely updated?

For now, both versions of “Extended statistics” are available in the control panel. We’ll support the current UI and API of the section until November 16, 2020.

If you have already enabled the “Extended statistics” feature, there is no need to take any additional actions. Statistics with new features will be available automatically in a new tab.

Still have questions? Ask them in an online chat on our website or via other tech support channels.

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