Basic video transcoding is now free

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Basic video transcoding is now free

We have implemented a new billing model to make our Streaming Platform more flexible and cost-effective. Under this model, most popular transcoding options are free. You only pay for the time you stream, the videos you upload, and the time your viewers spend watching your content.

Now, you can do the following for free:

  • Convert videos to HLS and live streams to HLS, LL-DASH (Low Latency DASH), or LL-HLS (Low Latency HLS)
  • Encode a 360, 480, 720, or 1080 video and broadcast it in the original quality and lower
  • Change portrait videos and streams to landscape and vice versa
  • Transcode a video or a stream in up to 30 fps or keep the original frame rate
  • Deliver a video or a stream with the most common codec: AAC/H.264

Try it out today and see how easy it is to save money and time on transcoding with Gcore.

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Please note additional transcoding options are paid. To learn more about them, contact us via email or chat.

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