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How to choose a CDN in 2021: 8 important criteria and technologies

CDN speeds up websites and helps improve their ranking in search engines. But for a content delivery network to really help an online project grow, it’s important to choose a solution that suits your business.

How to choose a reliable CDN provider, speed up your web services, and not overpay for unnecessary features? Find out on April 22, 2021, when we host a free webinar “CDN choice 2021: 8 criteria and technologies worth your attention”.

How to choose a CDN in 2021: 8 important criteria and technologies

This webinar will be useful for video game and SaaS application developers, technical managers and specialists from e-commerce, fintech, retail, online media, entertainment, and other industries.

What you will learn:

  • The latest trends and technologies in CDN
  • The criteria for choosing a CDN for different businesses: financial sector, retail, media, video game and SaaS application development
  • Common mistakes when choosing a CDN provider
  • Advantages of a CDN integrated with cloud, DDoS protection and streaming platform
  • The myths and truth about the CDN market


  • Lana Plowman, CDN Product Manager at G-Core Labs
  • Shane Baldacchino, Technical Leader & Content Producer at AWS
  • Irina Lykova, CDN Pre-Sale Engineer at G-Core Labs, event moderator

Date and time: April 22, 2021, 2 PM (CET)

Webinar organizer: G-Core Labs

Duration: 1 hour

Language: English

See you at the webinar!

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