How to speed up a website at a 50% discount?

How to speed up a website at a 50% discount?

Fantastic opportunity to speed up your websites content delivery for half the usual CDN list price!

Ultra-fast delivery of content across the world has become even more accessible. We have new favorable plans, especially for those who are looking for a global, powerful and affordable service.

You can also get access to all advanced features with every plan.

How to speed up a website at a 50 % discount?

The offer is valid only until March 31, 2019. Don’t miss on that opportunity to sign up for CDN for half the price.

The terms of the offer are simple:

  1. Sign up and apply promotional code CDNSALE.
  2. Select one of the plans with up to 2TB.
  3. Pay for the CDN service with a bank card.

So you can pay 2 times less each month!

Signing up for a CDN will help you speed up your website, increase the time users stay on the site and improve the conversion of your online store. Refer to What is a CDN page to learn why an internet business needs a content delivery network to grow.

Learn about all the possibilities and advantages of CDN on a service page and sign up at half price until the end of March.

Sign up for CDN at a 50 % discount

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