How we built an all-powerful CDN on all continents

In autumn 2019, it was 3 years since the Gcore CDN service was launched.

Over this time, we’ve managed to build a steadily working and technologically advanced product. Most importantly, it is in demand all over the world.

How it all started

To organize global delivery of heavy content (games, video and software) under peak loads, we have built our own high-speed content delivery network.

In 2012, the original backbone network consisted of 7 data centers located in 6 cities. Traffic was being transferred between CDN and origin servers inside it.

In 2013, the network grew to 23 data centers. It was the infrastructure that set a new Guinness World Record for the most players online simultaneously on one MOG server (190,541).

How we built an all-powerful CDN on all continents

In 2014, our network withstood a load of a million users playing simultaneously.

After achieving this success, we decided to create on its basis an all-in-one service to accelerate the delivery of games, videos, broadcasts, web applications, software, ads, and websites.

Superfast CDN on all continents

Now we have more than 200 cache servers in more than 50 points of presence on all continents, except Antarctica.

Gcore is one of the world’s top CDN providers

In 2019, we were among the top 10 fastest CDN providers in the United States. We also deliver content faster than anyone else in a number of European countries.

How we built an all-powerful CDN on all continents
CDN performance in the US in October 2019 (according to

Impressive feature set

We’re constantly improving the control panel, enhancing and adding new features. There are over 50 of those now.

How we built an all-powerful CDN on all continents

Thousands of clients and partners

To improve our connectivity worldwide, we continue to enter into traffic exchange agreements with the leading operators. We now have over 5,000 peering partners.

More than 1,200 customers from various industries trust us with their online business: game development, finance, e-commerce, telecom. Among them, there are many world-famous companies with millions of users: Wargaming, Bandai Namco, Exit Games, RedFox Games, Sandbox Interactive.

How we built an all-powerful CDN on all continents

Which points of presence we will launch in 2020

After launching the CDN PoP in Johannesburg (South Africa) we covered all continents, except Antarctica.

The goal for 2020 is to provide customers with the best network coverage among the leading CDN services. How do we plan to develop it?

North America. After launching the PoPs in Los Angeles, Manassas, and Atlanta, the number of our North American locations have grown to 12. We’re about to launch Toronto (Canada).

South America. São Paulo (Brazil), launched in 2018, will be complemented by PoPs in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Asia. This is the most important market in terms of content consumption. Today, many customers want to distribute statistics across China and India as quickly as possible. To allow this, we will launch our own nodes in Bangkok (Thailand), Taipei (Taiwan), and Mumbai (India).

MENA countries. We offer incredibly fast content delivery in MENA countries thanks to the performance of the new locations in Istanbul (Turkey), Tel Aviv (Israel), and Dubai (UAE).

Australia. We will expand our presence on the beautiful continent by launching a PoP in Perth, Australia’s westernmost million-plus city.

Europe. We will launch Vienna (Austria) and add capacity in Stockholm (Sweden), Paris (France), and Prague (Czech Republic).

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