How we expanded our network capacity in Kyiv

Gcore CDN is one of the fastest and most convenient content delivery networks in continental Europe.

After launching PoPs in the largest European cities, we are actively developing the Eastern European segment of our CDN. In 2020, we plan to open locations in Budapest and Sofia.

Network capacity improvement in Kyiv

In parallel with the opening of new PoPs, we are expanding network capacity in locations that have already been launched. We have added 100 Gbit channels for the cache servers in Kyiv, which we have been operating since 2017.

Now we are ready to deliver even more video games, applications, and streaming videos with a response time of 27 ms or less.

How we expanded our network capacity in Kyiv
Response time in Ukraine by the median (50th percentile) in January 2020

The superior performance of our CDN also allows live broadcasts in 4K quality without delays or buffering around the world.

Broadcasting can be organized without involving experts, simply by using the all-in-one Media Platform.

If you want to be sure of consistently fast and high-quality delivery of any heavy content in Europe, choose a favorable plan.

How we expanded our network capacity in Kyiv

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