Image optimization: how to deliver images more efficiently

Image optimization: how to deliver images more efficiently

It is obvious that an online store has to deliver images quickly, store them compactly and not to spend a lot of resources processing them to make profit from selling goods.

To increase the speed of delivering our customers’ images, we have come to a decision to optimize them.

What is image optimization

Image optimization is a function that allows to modify images on the CDN server side.

For example, you have an image that is shown to users of your online store. You would like to show this image with a lower resolution in a mobile version of the store to speed up the loading time.

Now you need to either keep two versions of this image at your website or generate the second version from the first one. And the more images you have, the more space for storing or facilities for processing them you need.

Who is this function for

Image optimization will be useful for anyone who needs to store multiple versions of the same image.

How it works

Image optimization on the CDN side will solve this problem: only one version of the file will be stored, and CDN server will be modifying the image depending on the request.

Image optimization: how to deliver images more efficiently

We have prepared initial version of the feature—image resizing—and we welcome those who are interested to beta test it prior to release.

Why participate in beta testing

Decrease in traffic and load: CDN server will not be pulling a modified version of an image from the origin.

You will not be wasting efforts processing images on the origin side—CDN server will do it for you.

Storing just one version of a file will allow to save on storage space.

If you need to make more modifications (change aspect ratio, crop, flip, reduce noise, edit transparency, etc.), we will add them.

If you enjoy the feature and you want to use it further, we will give you a discount on image optimization.

What is to be done

You specify the image size in the URL by using a query parameter ?size=320×200.

For example,×200

CDN server modifies and gives the image back according to the specified parameter.

How to submit an application

Want to try optimizing your images? Write at We will discuss the duration of the test period, clarify technical details, set everything up and will wait for your feedback.

Try image optimization

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