Global Network Expansion: Gcore’s New PoPs in Strategic Locations

Gcore is excited to announce the addition of five new points of presence (PoPs) to our Edge Network, located in Sri Lanka, Honduras, Kazakhstan, Portugal, and Lithuania.

These new locations represent our commitment to delivering superior internet services globally, with an emphasis on improving connectivity and reducing latency.

Colombo, Sri Lanka: Strengthening Digital Presence in South Asia

Lotus Tower, Colombo, Sri Lanka | Photo by Christoph Theisinger on Unsplash
Lotus Tower, Colombo, Sri Lanka | Photo by Christoph Theisinger on Unsplash

With a 66.7% penetration rate, Sri Lanka shows a strong and growing adoption of internet services. Our new PoP in Colombo marks a significant step in enhancing digital connectivity in South Asia. This addition to our network is already showing promising results in reducing latency and improving content delivery efficiency in Sri Lanka.

The drop that starts at around 16:00 in the graph below illustrates the reduced latency as our new PoP kicked into action. Prior to this provision, most providers averaged around 40–50 ms. Gcore now provides as low as 15 ms, an improvement that is certainly noticeable to end users.

Graph depicting Gcore’s PoP response time reducing to 15 ms<a></a>
Figure 1. After PoP launch in Colombo, Gcore achieved a whopping 15 ms response time

Tegucigalpa, Honduras: Expanding Digital Horizons in Central America

Scenic view of Tegucigalpa, Honduras | Photo by Heber Barahona on Unsplash
Tegucigalpa, Honduras | Photo by Heber Barahona on Unsplash

Internet penetration in Honduras has been experiencing significant growth, with 769,000 new users between in the past year representing a remarkable 13.6% increase in uptake. The launch of our PoP in Tegucigalpa is a pivotal move in expanding our presence in Central America. As a result, Honduras is now experiencing a notable enhancement in content delivery speed and reliability, elevating the digital experience for users across the country.

On the graph below, the new PoP’s introduction is shown by the red line, which settles at a fairly stable 31 ms, faster than any other local provider.

Chart demonstrating Gcore outperforming competitors with 31 ms response time
Figure 2. Gcore’s response time dropped to 31 ms in Tegucigalpa after PoP launch

Karaganda, Kazakhstan: Pioneering Advanced Connectivity in Central Asia

Cathedral of Our Lady of Fatima, Karaganda, Kazakhstan | <a href=
Cathedral of Our Lady of Fatima, Karaganda, Kazakhstan | Nikolay Bulykin, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

At the beginning of 2023, internet penetration in Kazakhstan stood at over 90%, indicating an extensive state of adoption of digital technologies. Our new PoP in Karaganda introduces advanced infrastructure to Central Asia. Karaganda’s strategic geographical location and growing digital market make it an ideal hub for enhancing regional digital services. This new PoP significantly boosts network efficiency and speed, reinforcing our commitment to global connectivity.

The red line on the graph below shows that Gcore’s new PoP is delivering superior speeds relative to the competition, with 14 ms regularly achieved—an exceptional performance by any standard.

Graph illustrating Gcore’s response times reaching 14 ms in Karaganda after the new PoP launch
Figure 3. Response times reaching 14 ms in Karaganda

Lisbon, Portugal: Boosting Digital Infrastructure in Western Europe

Lisbon, Portugal | Photo by Paulo Evangelista on Unsplash
Lisbon, Portugal | Photo by Paulo Evangelista on Unsplash

Home to a number of European business hubs, Portugal has a high demand for robust internet connectivity. The Lisbon PoP strengthens our network in Western Europe, a region known for its high internet usage and demand for quality digital services. Portugal’s capital is now equipped with enhanced connectivity, part of our dedication to delivering high-speed, reliable services across Europe.

On the graph below, Gcore’s new PoP performance is self-evident: Gcore’s latency of just 32 ms is around half that of the next best competitor.

Diagram showing the response times in Lisbon reaching 32 ms
Figure 4. Network response times post-PoP launch in Lisbon have dropped to 32 ms

Vilnius, Lithuania: Advancing the Digital Frontier in the Baltics

Vilnius, Lithuania | Photo by Julia Karnavusha on Unsplash
Vilnius, Lithuania | Photo by Julia Karnavusha on Unsplash

Vilnius is a burgeoning tech hub in the Baltic region, with Lithuania as a whole boasting average internet connection speeds of 89.23 Mbps that demand excellent network connections. This new PoP both improves local internet speeds and acts as a gateway to enhanced digital services across the Baltic states.

Gcore is providing impressive speeds of around 40 ms, a significant improvement on current local average latency which sits at around double that figure.

Chart depicting the improvement in response times in Vilnius down to 41 ms with the new PoP launch
Figure 5. Gcore’s response time decreased to 41 ms in Vilnius

Embracing a Connected Future with Gcore

With these new points of presence in Colombo, Tegucigalpa, Karaganda, Lisbon, and Vilnius, Gcore continues to fortify its global network, ensuring superior connectivity for users worldwide. Join us in embracing these exciting developments and experience the enhanced digital world with Gcore.

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