Streaming Platform year in review: Updates and results of 2022

Streaming Platform year in review: Updates and results of 2022

Throughout 2022, we worked hard to make our services convenient and useful for you. Now we’re happy to share the results!

Minutes of broadcasting

2022 brought our Streaming Platform plenty of new clients to greet. All our efforts rounded up to about 57 million transcoded minutes of different kinds of content, which equals almost 108 years!

Check out this short video to better appreciate the results. We calculated how many average football matches, Instagram live streams, YouTube videos, Netflix episodes, and TikTok videos would fit into 57 million minutes.

Streaming Platform updates

Here are the top updates our team brought to life to improve your experience on our platform.

  • New simplified control panel and improved UI. Creating Streams has never been simpler! Easy set-up, multiple streams consolidation in one single player, organized video hosting options, improved interface, and restreaming opportunities.
  • New cost-effective pricing—per minute billing and free encoding. We introduced our new pricing plan with free adaptive bitrate encoding that counts the length of the original video only. No gigabytes, extra payment for transcoded qualities, or pre-paid commitments. You’ll only pay for the minutes you use! It makes our prices lower than those of our competitors.
  • Improved video encoding. We now compress video better while ensuring the same level of quality is maintained.
  • Video Calls new features and redesign. You can now create a unique visual presence, improve your brand recognition, and simply cover up your personal area or workspace by adding virtual backgrounds on your video calls—blur, static images, or even animated images using AI/ML in a simple browser. Also, you can now share videos, store files, and browse the entire chat history.
  • Low latency for live streams. Now we offer an option of choosing between normal speed and low latency delay via HLS of up to 4 seconds for live broadcasts.

We sincerely thank you for partnering with us this year. In 2023, we will continue to make the Streaming Platform even more convenient and functional to meet all your business needs and keep your viewers happy!

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