3 long-awaited features of the Media Platform

The Gcore Media Platform is a versatile tool for fast and uninterrupted delivery of video content worldwide.

It is our own development. We continue to improve its performance and introduce new features.

Reduced delays for live broadcasts

We actively test and implement WebRTC and LHLS protocols, but customer streams are being broadcasted mainly via HLS. We deliver most live streams in this format using our superfast CDN.

How the delays occur

HLS streams consist of playlists that contain chunks (video fragments). CDN servers need to consistently request chunks from the origin server and only then deliver them to the viewers from the cache.

Until the CDN loads the chunk completely, the viewer will not receive the content. That is why there are delays during live broadcasts. The average delay time for HLS streaming via CDN is usually 15–20 seconds.

The solution we found

We’ve reduced the size of each chunk. Now it takes less time for the CDN to load it. Therefore, the user receives content with less delay.

The difficulty is that the smaller the chunk, the more there are in the playlist. Not all devices can handle a playlist with a lot of chunks correctly.

We managed to find a balance between the number of chunks and their size. So, we reduced the delay time for live broadcasts to 5–7 seconds.

New advertising model

We have recently added a new content monetization model.

Initially, we supported four advertising models: pre-roll, pause roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. Recently, we added a new one—repeat roll.

Repeat roll allows you to specify a given time in the video when the advertisement should begin. With the help of repeat roll you can also specify several time intervals, in the beginning of which the advertisement will be repeated.

3 long-awaited features of the Media Platform

Integration with Google Analytics

There are statistics on views, unique users, geography, hosts, etc., available in an all-in-one control panel for media platform and CDN.

At the request of our customers, we have added the possibility of integration with Google Analytics. Now you can add a Google Analytics ID in the Players section.

After enabling the feature, the statistics configured by the user in Google Analytics will be collected via our player.

3 long-awaited features of the Media Platform

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