Enhance Your Business with Gcore White Label

Enhance Your Business with Gcore White Label

Gcore White Label offers cutting-edge solutions that empower ISPs, IIGs, CSPs, and business partners to elevate their offerings with ease. Gcore White Label is supported by our extensive infrastructure and global presence, with over 180 points of presence worldwide to enhance operational efficiency and market reach. This article will explain white-label solutions, introduce our most popular white-label products, and explain how Gcore White Label can benefit your business.

What Are White-Label Solutions?

White-label solutions are products or services developed by one company and sold under another company’s brand. The latter presents the solutions as its own, while the white-label provider remains hidden.

White Label solutions are developed by one company but branded and resold by another

For example, a telecommunications company looking to expand its presence in a new country may use a white-label CDN (content delivery network) solution. In this scenario, a white-label provider develops and maintains the CDN infrastructure. The telecommunications company then brands and sells this solution as its own. This arrangement allows the telecommunications company to use a robust network infrastructure without having to build it from scratch, leveraging the white-label provider’s expertise and technical infrastructure while focusing on customer engagement and revenue growth.

Businesses opt for white-label solutions because they eliminate the need for extensive research and development, which can be expensive and time-consuming. This allows companies to focus on other business areas, such as marketing and customer service. Additionally, white-label products are scalable and customizable, making them adaptable to each business.

We offer fully customizable and scalable edge AI, network, cloud, and security solutions via Gcore White Label. These can enhance your business scalability and extend brand reach.

Our three most popular white-label solutions are Gcore CDN, Gcore Video Streaming, and Gcore Edge Cloud services. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of these solutions.

Gcore CDN

Gcore CDN enhances the speed and reliability of static and dynamic content delivery globally. This technology significantly reduces the time it takes for websites and content to load by caching content on multiple servers worldwide. Gcore automatically serves content from the server closest to users, ensuring the fastest possible delivery. Gcore CDN includes features such as HTTP/3 support for optimized connection setups and dynamic content acceleration to improve interactive web application performance. This solution particularly benefits businesses with an international reach, such as online retailers, media and entertainment sites, and global enterprises.

Key advantages of Gcore CDN via White Label include the following:

  • Next-gen CDN: Gcore CDN provides all essential caching features as well as more advanced functions, such as edge computing, dynamic content delivery, and on-the-fly image optimization.
  • Robust edge infrastructure with outstanding connectivity: Gcore CDN runs over a global edge network with more than 180 points of presence and 14,000 peering partners. The total network capacity exceeds 200 Tbps.
  • HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 support: Supporting HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 allows our CDN to establish a fast, stable connection between Gcore edge PoPs and end-user devices.
  • DevOps ready: Gcore CDN features an extended API, log delivery features, and Terraform support, making your operations more transparent and automated.

Gcore Video Streaming

Gcore Video Streaming supports live and on-demand media delivery. It offers a seamless viewing experience with low latency, making it ideal for sports broadcasts, live events, and online games. The solution includes features like real-time video processing and AI-powered computer vision, which enable advanced functionalities such as audience analytics and automated content moderation.

White Label customers choose Gcore for their video streaming needs for the following reasons:

  • Cutting-edge features: Offer future-proof services with advanced features including AI computer vision and content moderation. Stay ahead of the curve with proprietary Gcore streaming technologies.
  • Customizability: Brand the video player as your own, or offer rebranding options to your customers.
  • Scalability: Support even the largest broadcasts and customers, with 100M+ viewers for a single event. Our network capacity of 200+ Tbps means you and your customers can scale without limits.
  • Global infrastructure: Stream with outstanding quality anywhere in the world with underlying infrastructure from Gcore. With 180+ points of presence in 95+ countries, end users get an exceptional experience no matter where they’re located.

Gcore Edge Cloud

Our extensive Edge Cloud portfolio is designed to meet diverse business needs, offering a range of 15+ solutions for White Label customers. Our customers often combine multiple solutions to create their own tailored offerings. Our compute solutions include Virtual Machines (VMs) for cost-effective scalability and Bare Metal for high performance and control, allowing businesses to customize their computing power to specific needs.

We also provide an extensive range of managed solutions. Managed Kubernetes streamlines container orchestration, while Container as a Service (CaaS) eliminates the need to manage infrastructure. Function as a Service (FaaS) offers serverless computing for event-driven applications, and Managed PostgreSQL ensures a secure, high-availability database service. Gcore Object Storage and Gcore File Shares provide scalable, secure storage for large data volumes and shared files over NFS protocol. Explore the full range of Gcore Edge Cloud and get in touch to discover how you can repackage one or more via Gcore White Label.

Why Choose Gcore White Label?

Gcore combines edge technologies with a robust, secure infrastructure across a globally distributed network to provide innovative white-label solutions. We enable our partners to deliver fast, intelligent, and highly responsive services to their customers.

Businesses choose Gcore White Label for the following reasons:

  • High performance: Low latency and global reach translate into exceptional performance across all Gcore services.
  • Customizable: Our services are designed to be flexible and are tailored to meet specific business needs.
  • Scalable: Whether filling gaps in current offerings or expanding into new services, our versatile platform supports business growth and seamlessly scales with demand.
  • Quick time to market: Gcore white-label solutions enable rapid time to market without the complexities of R&D, infrastructure set up, and management.
  • Cost-efficient: Gcore White Label is built on transparent and competitive terms, providing businesses access to top-tier products and technology without the financial burden of infrastructure deployment.
  • Secure: Our platform offers the highest level of infrastructure security with strict policies and procedures to ensure data and network security, and local regulatory compliance.


Gcore White Label reflects our commitment to innovation and our partners’ success. Our solutions are strategically designed to enhance the capabilities of ISPs, IIGs, CSPs, and other business partners, seamlessly integrating into existing business models and excelling in their respective markets. By leveraging our advanced technology and industry expertise, we empower our partners to deliver cutting-edge services that meet the evolving needs of their customers and drive growth.

Interested in exploring how our white-label solutions can benefit your business? Get in touch to start a conversation and discover the strategic advantages of partnering with Gcore.

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