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How do I renew my SSL certificate?

Depending on the type of SSL certificate selected for the resource under protection, there are two options for renewing certificates.

  1. If you have Let's Encrypt, it will be renewed automatically.

  2. If you have a Custom certificate, you must reissue it yourself via the certificate authority, delete the current certificate in your resource settings, and add the reissued certificate in the Customer portal according to the Add Custom certificate to your resource guide. You can also add a reissued custom certificate via the API request:

// @name Get client ddos resource
GET {{base_ddos}}/resources/<resource_id>
Authorization: Bearer {{token_client}}
Content-Type: application/json

> {%
    client.global.set("resource", JSON.stringify(response.body.resource));


// @name Update custom SSL certificate for the ddos resource
< {%
    let resource = client.global.get("resource");
    resource = JSON.parse(resource);
    resource["service_ssl_crt"] = "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\n<certificate_data>\n-----END CERTIFICATE-----";
    resource["service_ssl_key"] = "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----\n<private_key_data>\n-----END PRIVATE KEY-----";
    resource = JSON.stringify(resource);
    request.variables.set("resource_custom_cert", resource);
PUT {{base_ddos}}/resources/<resource_id>
Authorization: Bearer {{token_client}}
Content-Type: application/json


Note: We do not automatically notify you of SSL certificate expiry dates, so you should monitor the expiry date yourself.

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