Gcore Edge Cloud Updates: New Locations in Vietnam and South Korea; New Services in Tashkent and Istanbul

Gcore Edge Cloud Updates: New Locations in Vietnam and South Korea; New Services in Tashkent and Istanbul

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Edge Cloud locations in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and Incheon, South Korea. These locations join the over 25 Gcore Edge Cloud locations available worldwide. The Ho Chi Minh and Incheon locations provide advanced cloud services and features, including Virtual Machines, Load Balancers, and File Shares. Read on to learn more about these new Gcore locations and discover updates to existing locations in Tashkent and Istanbul.

New Edge Cloud Location in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

To launch the Ho Chi Minh location, we’ve partnered with VNETWORK, a leading Vietnamese infrastructure, CDN, and cybersecurity provider. We currently offer three Edge Cloud services in Ho Chi Minh: Virtual Machines, File Shares, and Load Balancer. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Virtual Machines

Gcore Virtual Machines (VMs) are based on Intel® Xeon® 2nd Generation Scalable Processors. They are designed for various computing tasks, including general-purpose, memory-intensive, and compute-intensive workloads.

Key Gcore VM features include the following:

  • Standard, high-IOPS, and low-latency volume types to meet any storage demands
  • Scheduled snapshots for data backup and recovery
  • Custom images that you can upload and manage as needed
  • Private networks, floating IPs, and reserved IPs to ensure versatile connectivity

We also offer Gcore Basic VM, a budget-friendly shared virtual machine service with partial core usage. Basic VM is suitable for simple tasks that don’t require an SLA, such as VPN and light web servers.

File Shares

Gcore File Shares is a file-sharing system based on the Network Files Systems (NFS) protocol. It is helpful for sharing data between virtual machines or for backups and archive storage.

Load Balancer

Gcore Load Balancer is a tool that sorts incoming requests across your VMs to improve the infrastructure’s fault tolerance. It supports L3—L7 protocols, such as TCP, UDP, HTTP, and Prometheus, and essential balancing algorithms: round robin, least connection, and source IP.

Coming soon

We will soon expand the product suite available in Ho Chi Minh to include the following:

New Edge Cloud Location in Incheon, South Korea

The Incheon location offers the same services as the Ho Chi Minh location and additionally hosts an AI infrastructure hub powered by NVIDIA H100 GPUs. Most GPU servers are equipped with high-speed InfiniBand adapters that provide ultra-low latency and exceptional throughput to handle data of any size.

Coming soon

In the coming months, we plan to offer S3-compatible Object Storage in Incheon. This fast, scalable cloud storage offers high data durability, unlimited volume, and Terraform support.

Managed Kubernetes, Container as a Service, and Function as a Service Available in Istanbul

We’ve expanded the cloud capabilities of our existing Istanbul location and added our container-based services:

  • Managed Kubernetes allows you to deploy Kubernetes clusters without worrying about the underlying infrastructure and the control plane. In addition to traditional VM worker nodes, Gcore Managed Kubernetes supports Bare Metal and GPU-powered worker nodes for compute-intensive and AI/ML workloads. The control plane management is free of charge. The service integrates with Gcore Load Balancer, block storage volumes, and advanced networking capabilities via Cilium CNI.
  • Container as a Service (CaaS) simplifies the way you run containerized applications. It eliminates the need to provision and manage servers and provides a pay-per-use plan. Gcore CaaS offers a highly available environment for AI inference models and microservices so you can focus on your applications.
  • Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) is an even simpler service than CaaS. It allows you to run code without worrying about the underlying infrastructure and containers. Gcore stores your code as a function in its cloud resources and executes it when a specific event occurs, such as an HTTP request. FaaS currently supports JavaScript, Java, Python, Go, and .NET. This service is perfect for any application or backend service and provides a flexible, scalable solution for developers looking for minimal administrative overhead.

Basic VM Available in Tashkent

We launched an Edge Cloud location in Taskent in April 2024, providing Virtual Machines, Bare Metal, and File Shares. Now, we’ve added Gcore Basic VM, a non-SLA VM starting at €3.2 per month designed for workloads that don’t require high performance. Use cases for Basic VM include:

  • Website or blog hosting
  • VPN server
  • Light web server
  • Personal projects
  • Backups
  • Game server

Read our announcement to learn more about the Gcore Edge Cloud location in Tashkent.


We’re proud to support IT professionals in our new Edge Cloud regions in Vietnam and South Korea. This is part of our commitment to making the web faster, more reliable, intelligent, and secure, regardless of our customers’ location.

We invite you to explore Gcore Edge Cloud and discover its features and benefits. We provide comprehensive documentation and are available 24/7 for help with any Gcore product.

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