Edge Network 2022 milestones

Edge Network 2022 milestones

There have been a lot of ups and downs this year, but we accomplished our main goal—to deliver best-in-class performance and reliability for our partners and customers.

We managed to deliver huge improvements to our infrastructure and core services. We attracted a lot of new clients and got significant growth in some products (just look at the DNS growth!).

So, let’s sum up all that happened in 2022 in the list below.

Gcore Edge Network in 2022 by the numbers

  • 25 new points of presence opened, including 17 new locations and 8 improvements of existing ones
  • 14,966 PB of traffic delivered over our CDN
  • 23% growth in monthly traffic
  • 35% growth in monthly DNS requests
  • 64% increase in the number of active CDN resources
  • 1460% increase in the number of delegated DNS zones
  • 56 PB peak CDN traffic per day
  • 8.49 Tbps peak bandwidth per day
  • 57M minutes of streaming via the Streaming Platform:
    • 27M minutes of live transcoding
    • 30M minutes of VOD transcoded
  • 3М RPS is the maximum web attack volume
  • 2000+ DDoS attacks mitigated
  • 1.4 Tbps is the maximum DDoS attack volume

Gcore Edge Network milestones for 2022


Streaming Platform:


  • DNS Failover (beta)
  • DNS scan on zone delegation status
  • New, simplified control panel
  • Instant delivery of UI/API changes

…and many small bug fixes, technical updates, and custom NDA projects.

2022 was tough, but it gave us a lot of experience and courage to create more ambitious and more challenging projects.

There are a lot of things to come. Stay tuned!

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