Olllá, São Paulo!

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Olllá, São Paulo!

Amigos! We’ve launched a new point of presence in São Paulo. The launch coincided with the start of The Brazilian Carnival. And while Brazilians were celebrating, our engineers optimized CDN performance.

Improved response time is now 40 ms.

Olá, São Paulo!

Brazil Today

Brazil is big and powerful: it is the fifth largest country by population and area and it has the world’s ninth biggest economy in terms of GDP.

Olá, São Paulo!

There are 139 million Internet users in Brazil, which is 66% of the population (according to IWS).

Today Brazil is the fifth largest Internet and mobile economy in the world, one of the main development markets for Google and Facebook, a country with huge domestic demand for SaaS solutions (according to TechCrunch).

Startups Boom in São Paulo

São Paulo is the financial, industrial and cultural capital of Brazil with 12 million inhabitants. The most populated city of Brazil, it is also a major point of attraction for entrepreneurs and venture capital in South America.

As provided by Inc, there were 2,700 startups developed here in 2015.

Delivery Difficulties in South America

We took a long way to this launch. Because in spite of the economic prospects South America is a complex region for foreign IT companies.

We’ve already covered the complexities of delivering content prior to opening a new node here in the RedFox Games case.

New Continent Is Taken

Opening productive point in São Paulo is an important and long-awaited step in the development strategy of our products and network.

South America is a promising market for our customers with high Internet penetration of 68%.

Olá, São Paulo!

Source: Global Digital Report 2018

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