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G-Core Labs wins Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Awards

On October 4, Streaming Media published the list of winners of the European Readers’ Choice Awards 2021. G-Core Labs CDN is the winner in the Content Delivery and Distribution category. Streaming Platform came second in the Live Streaming Platform/Service category.

G-Core Labs wins Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Awards

We thank everyone who voted for our services. We really appreciate your support and will continue to develop our products to bring you even more positive results.

What is the Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Awards?

This award is organized by one of the largest publishing holdings in the world—Streaming Media. It’s the only award in the streaming industry where the winners are determined by users.

Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Awards are held every year. Only companies headquartered in Europe can be nominated for the award.

This year, the award had 14 categories. Our services were nominated in two of them:

  • CDN: Content Delivery and Distribution
  • Streaming Platform: Live Streaming Platform/Service

The victory of G-Core Labs CDN and the second place of Streaming Platform mean that our customers are really satisfied with our services, choose us among thousands of other solutions, and are ready to support us. Once again, we are very grateful to you for that.

Why do users choose our streaming services?

G-Core Labs CDN delivers video content anywhere in the world with minimal delays.

  • 90+ points of presence on 5 continents and more than 6,000 peering partners.
  • Total network capacity of more than 75 Tbps.
  • Support for modern protocols and technologies for superfast streaming: HLS, MPEG-DASH, Chunked CMAF, HESP.
  • Preset rules for playlists and chunks.
  • Special caching settings for streaming.

G-Core Labs Streaming Platform is a turnkey video streaming service. We cover all stages of broadcasting—from video capture to playback in the player.

  • Ensuring broadcast delays of up to 4 or 1 second.
  • Protecting content from illegal viewing and copying with the help of modern technologies.
  • Transcoding the video and using adaptive bitrate technology so that the stream is available on any device with any bandwidth.
  • Delivering streams of up to 8K quality to an audience of millions.
  • Full integration of our platform with your service without coding.
  • Providing an HTML5 player with customization options.
  • Support for broadcasting and re-broadcasting to social media.
  • Providing real-time statistics on users and views.

Both services can be managed via a single convenient panel. We also have 24/7 technical support to quickly resolve any issues.

We will continue to develop our products with the maximum focus on the desires of our users and will try to make them even better for you.

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