FastEdge Now in General Availability: Elevate Your Edge Computing Experience

FastEdge Now in General Availability: Elevate Your Edge Computing Experience

We’re excited to announce that FastEdge has transitioned from beta to general availability! FastEdge evolved significantly during its beta phase, now featuring a user-friendly graphical interface (GUI) and simple plans, including a free plan. Read on to learn more about FastEdge and how to start using it for your projects.

What Is FastEdge?

FastEdge is Gcore’s latest product designed for serverless app execution at the edge. Launching applications compiled to WebAssembly on Gcore’s CDN network allows quick and efficient deployment without requiring environment configuration or infrastructure maintenance.

FastEdge can be used for various web development and network optimization tasks, such as request modification, frontend serving, user authentication, flexible image optimization, and custom DNS resolving. It can also serve as a platform for running lightweight AI models.

What’s New?

FastEdge now features a graphical user interface (GUI) in the Gcore Customer Portal, providing an accessible, user-friendly experience for easy edge application management. The GUI unlocks powerful features for streamlined edge development:

Simplified App Creation

FastEdge takes the complexity out of building edge applications. Either upload your own app or use a template:

  • Upload your own: Simply upload your pre-compiled WebAssembly binary file, and FastEdge will handle the deployment.
Creating a FastEdge application from scratch in the Gcore Customer Portal
  • Start with a template: Leverage our library of prebuilt templates to jumpstart your development. This is a fantastic option for common use cases and can significantly accelerate your time-to-market.
Creating a FastEdge application using a template in the Gcore Customer Portal

Detailed Performance Monitoring

Gain valuable insights into app performance and usage metrics in real time, allowing you to optimize your applications for peak efficiency.

Seamless Modification

The intuitive interface allows you to modify your applications as your requirements evolve.

FastEdge Pricing

Pick the FastEdge plan that suits your use cases:

  • Free Plan: This plan is ideal for tech enthusiasts and hobbyists who want to experiment with and explore FastEdge’s vast capabilities. It allows you to get your feet wet in the world of edge computing without breaking the bank.
  • Pro Plan: This plan perfectly fits more intricate projects, offering enhanced capabilities like increased runtime duration and memory allocation compared to the free tier. With the Pro plan, you can take your edge computing endeavors to the next level for just €5.00 or $5.35 per month.
  • Enterprise Plan: Designed for businesses with specific requirements and high-volume usage, the Enterprise Plan allows you to craft a personalized plan that aligns with your company’s needs.

Embrace the Future of Edge Computing with FastEdge

Transitioning FastEdge to general availability marks a significant milestone in edge computing, providing developers with an enhanced user experience via the Gcore Customer Portal and flexible pricing plans. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast eager to explore or a professional with complex projects, FastEdge offers the tools and support needed to build, deploy, and manage applications seamlessly at the edge.

To get started, simply follow our guide to create a FastEdge app. For those comfortable working with APIs, FastEdge offers comprehensive API documentation. Take advantage of the Free Plan to experiment, explore, or upgrade to Pro or Enterprise to unleash the full potential of FastEdge.

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