Gcore’s proprietary solution in the CSI Awards shortlist

CSI Magazine is a European media that covers video delivery technology since 1999.

We made it to the CSI Awards shortlist in the nomination “Best content on demand solution”. The prize has been awarded since 2003 for achievements and innovations in the field of cable and satellite broadcasting.

Gcore’s proprietary solution in the CSI Awards shortlist

What is the novelty of Media Platform

We have developed Media Platform from scratch as an all-in-one solution for broadcasting and delivering video on demand worldwide.

A single control panel combines all the functions necessary for smooth streaming: CDN, storage, HTML5 player and monetization tools.

The uniqueness of our technology is confirmed by copyright certificates and residency at Skolkovo Innovation Centre.

What the new Media Platform is capable of

One of the key advantages of our media platform is utilizing WebRTC technology to broadcast live to an audience of millions with minimal delays.

This feature is in demand in those industries where delays are critical to business: betting, sporting broadcasts, virtual services and so on.

Read the post “How WebRTC technology works and why it is necessary for streaming”

Gcore’s proprietary solution in the CSI Awards shortlist
Media Platform technical capabilities

We are looking forward to hearing the results from CSI Awards in September and meanwhile recommend to try the functionality and ease of using our media platform for free.

Try Media Platform for free

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