Announcing a Strategic Partnership Between Xsolla and Gcore

Announcing a Strategic Partnership Between Xsolla and Gcore

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Xsolla, a leading global force in video game commerce. This gaming industry collaboration aims to transform game delivery with improved distribution channels and faster download speeds for game creators and gamers worldwide. Discover how the Xsolla-Gcore partnership is poised to transform speed and accessibility in the gaming industry.

Xsolla: Elevating Game Distribution

Since its founding in 2005, Xsolla has played an important role in supporting game creators and publishers with funding, marketing, launching, and monetizing their games throughout the world. Xsolla supports major video game companies and provides sophisticated tools and services to help simplify the difficulties of worldwide game commerce. The Xsolla Launcher, designed to expedite game distribution, consistently assures fast, reliable download speeds worldwide, ensuring seamless game installation on user PCs. The goal is to ensure that all gamers, regardless of location, enjoy quicker download speeds and better gaming experiences.

Unleashing Global Reach with Gcore

The strategic alliance between Xsolla and Gcore sets a new standard for global game distribution, empowering developers to connect with a worldwide audience and deliver captivating gaming experiences to players everywhere. By leveraging Gcore CDN, Xsolla Launcher empowers developers with faster delivery times and unmatched reliability during peak periods such as game launches and major updates. We offer benefits that are ideally suited to the needs of the gaming industry:

  • Truly global network: Our network boasts over 180 points of presence strategically located worldwide. This ensures that game assets are delivered efficiently, minimizing delays and interruptions during game installation—no matter the player’s location.
  • Unmatched capacity and reliability: With a powerful network capacity exceeding 110 Tbps and outstanding connectivity with over 14,000 peering partners, our network prevents network congestion and service disruptions, even during massive game releases or updates.
  • Exceptional availability: We operate our own secure infrastructure with meticulous attention to server maintenance. Combined with our in-house DNS services, this ensures exceptional service availability and minimizes the risk of outages.

Together, Gcore and Xsolla are building a future where gamers and developers everywhere enjoy lightning-fast downloads and seamless updates.

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