What’s New for Gcore Video Streaming in May

What’s New for Gcore Video Streaming in May

At Gcore, we’re committed to enhancing your experience by continuously incorporating valuable feedback from our users. Our May 2024 updates bring significant improvements to make your streaming experience smoother, more efficient, and tailored to your needs.

Improved AI Content Moderation

Enjoy a safer streaming environment with faster and more accurate content moderation. We’ve fine-tuned our AI content moderation system for nudity detection, making it faster and more accurate for video-on-demand (VOD) processing. With a new 30% accuracy threshold, our system now includes objects with a lower probability level, ensuring higher precision in content filtering. This update speeds up the moderation process and provides more reliable results, ensuring a safer viewing environment. Here’s an example in action:

Explore the API docs to get started.

New Ingest Points for Live Streams

Experience lower latency and better compliance with regional data regulations, ensuring smoother live streaming. To enhance your live streaming experience, we’ve added a new ingest point in Miami, increasing our capacity and providing you with more options. Now, you can choose the closest point to you, whether it’s Miami or Ashburn.

We also now offer the function of having the main and backup ingest points at the same location for live streams. This is valuable for businesses that need to keep their data within a specific region, like the US or the EU, to comply with legal or other restrictions. At the same time, businesses that don’t want to limit their ingest and backup points within one territory now have the option to request different locations to be set up in their personal account settings.

Check out our API docs to start managing your ingest points.

Customizable Transcoding Presets

Tailor your streaming quality to match your specific requirements, ensuring the best possible viewing experience. We’ve introduced the option to set transcoding presets via API for each live stream.

While our standard preset is optimized for most scenarios, you now have the flexibility to select or customize presets according to your specific needs. This means you can enjoy optimal video/audio quality with the most appropriate compression for your specific use case(s).

Use our API docs to benefit from this new option.

Enhanced Video Entity Page

Manage your video content efficiently with enhanced data visualization. We’ve made our interface even more user-friendly, making it easier to manage and track your video content.

The enhanced “Video settings” area of the Gcore Customer Portal offers new VOD features designed to increase your audience engagement. The video page now includes more data from the video’s metadata, such as creation date, processing status, ID, and slug.

The all-new Video setting pages in the Gcore Customer Portal

AI-Generated Subtitles

Enhance accessibility and user engagement with automatically generated subtitles. Gcore Video Streaming platform now supports AI-generated subtitles via the AI ASR feature.

Redesigned Video Player

Enjoy a more intuitive and user-friendly video player, with improved navigation and language selection. We’ve redesigned and improved the video player, adding support for DVR rewinding with time display, fixed audio language selection, and made chapters visible in the timeline.

The redesigned Gcore Video Player in action with added DVR rewind with time display

The addition of chapters for VOD is available as a beta feature, enhancing your navigation and viewing experience.

API Updates

Ensure uninterrupted service with the latest API updates, providing more reliable and efficient streaming links. The deprecated hls_playlist_url parameter has been replaced with hls_cmaf_url in our API, providing the same functionality but with improved performance. When requesting a stream, you’ll now receive links in three formats: low-latency DASH, low-latency HLS, and regular HLS.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Gcore Video Streaming

We hope these updates enhance your streaming experience and we welcome your feedback to continue improving our services!

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