Nikita Kim – Junior QA-Engineer

Nikita Kim – Junior QA-Engineer

How did you first become interested in working in your field?

Since my childhood, I’ve always been very interested in computer games. So, I dreamed of working in something related to games, because of that.

What inspired you to join the team?

To be honest, I had been dreaming of joining a team like this for a long time. I had always been fascinated by the world of gaming and technology, and the idea of being able to shape the digital landscape and make it possible for people to use all kinds of applications and games. So when I saw the ad for this job, I knew I had to apply.

What do you like most about working at Gcore?

I’m a person who likes to be helpful and I like to help newbies, but most of all I like to find bugs.  I feel amazing when I find bugs, I feel that I’m useful and can be of benefit to my team.  

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Or do you have any hobbies or passions that you do in your spare time?  

I like to sing and I like to go to the cinemas.  

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