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Configure global visibility of products

You can configure global visibility in the "Settings" section, "Products" tab of the Admin Portal.

Services tab

As the result of switching the global product visibility from OFF to ON a product is activated for all customers, except customers with individual settings for this product.

Switching the global product visibility from ON to OFF for a product without individual settings is allowed or prohibited depending on the product's status.

1. It is allowed to disable a product if it's in the "New", "Trialend", "Paused", or "Deleted" statuses. As a result:

  • A product becomes inactive in personal visibility settings.
  • All settings for this product become inactive in the product tab (Accounts > Account ID > Product).
  • Disabled products are not displayed in the customer's Customer Portal.

2. It is allowed to disable a product if a product is in "Trial" or "Active" statuses. Switch its status to "Trialend" or "Paused" before disabling the product and then try again.


For a newly created customer are available all the products set in the global visibility settings.

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