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Manage clients

In the "Accounts" section, "Clients" subsection, you can add, view, edit, and delete clients. A client is not allowed to self-register. Only users with "Reseller" or "Seller" rights can create client accounts.

Create an account

To create a new client account, go to the "Clients" subsection and click the "Add new client" button in the upper-right corner.

Clients subsection

In the next window, add information about a client and select the services that will be available for them.

In the field on the left, enter information about a new client: e-mail, first and last name, company, name in your system, sign-in password; select "Seller" from the list to sort clients by the "Seller" attribute in the "Clients" tab and the language for automatic emails in the "Lang" field: "en" — for emails in English.

In the field on the right, toggle on the services that you want to make available for the client. By default, the global service visibility settings are inherited.

global service visibility settings

Important! If you want to customize service visibility and override settings of the global service visibility in the "Vendor settings" section, the "Services" subsection switch on and off a service toggle as required. Be aware that further changes in the global service visibility settings will not affect the client's custom service visibility. To learn more about it, click here.

You can reconfigure customized service visibility in the client settings after creating an account.

Enabling a service in the "Services" section creates a tab of a given service in the client settings and the client control panel, but does not activate the service. To activate a service, go to a client settings, check "Activate Service" and set the service status. To learn how to set up a service, refer to our guide on CDN configuration.

 CDN configuration

Edit an account

After creating a client account, you can set up their services, edit personal data and manage rights of users of that account.

For set-up guides, refer to the following product docs:

To edit the personal data and manage user rights, click on the ID of the desired client, or click on the "Edit" button in the "Actions" сolumn. If you click on the "Log in" button you'll log in the client control panel under client's admin user.

Edit an account

Edit client tab

In this section, you can:

1. Log in to the control panel using the client’s credentials.

2. Check the “Test Account” checkbox to hide a client from the all clients list in the “Clients” subsection. Client accounts marked as test accounts will not be displayed in the list. If you want to see test accounts, set the filter to “Test account true.”

In the “Settings” section, fields with the information about the client are included per steps 3–6.

3. Review the “Client status.” It shows the steps of using an account. The client’s status is determined automatically according to the conditions:

  • Preparation. An account has been created, but the user has not yet used any service.
  • Trial. An account has at least one service in “Trial” status, but no service in “Active” status.
  • Active. An account has at least one service in “Active” status.
  • Trial End. At least one of the services is in the “Deleted,” “Trial End,” or “Paused” status, and no service is in “Active” or “Trial” status.
  • Deleted. An account is deleted.

Note: You can’t edit the “Client status” field.

4. Change a client’s email address (Company email) and company name (Company.)

5. Set your customer ID in the “Custom ID” field. You can use letters, numbers, and special characters. Your clients will see the value in the API requests but cannot edit it.

6. Select “Seller” for every client in the “Seller” dropdown list, to facilitate the search.

7. If you change something, don’t forget to save the changes at the top of the page.

Edit client tab

Services tab

You can customize service visibility for a client.

Users tab

On this tab, you can edit personal data and manage user rights. You can invite new users only via the client control panel.

You can edit a client's name, email address, language of automatic emails and user type.

Users tab

About Users

Delete account

To delete their accounts, customers should navigate to the "Profile" section:

Open profile

Then, open the "Account profile" tab, go to the "Delete account" page and click Delete my account.

Delete account

After confirmation all services of their accounts will be stopped, and the deletion request appears in the Customer Portal.

You can also receive emails about status updates of deletion requests. We describe how to do it in the "Vendor settings" article.

When you receive a deletion request, you have 10 days to contact the client and convince him/her not to quit. After 10 days the account will be deleted automatically.

To process the request manually, open the "Delete client" tab.

Delete client

On the left you'll see information about a current request status. On the right you will find the history of all the client's deletion requests. Below there are two buttons used to manage requests.

"Cancel the deletion request" cancels the deletion request. When you press this button, the window for notes will appear — you can add a comment here. It will be saved in the history of all the client's deletion requests and will relate to the canceled request.

"Delete account" deletes the account. When you press this button, the confirmation window will appear. Press "Yes, delete account" to destroy the account.

You can delete an account even if a client hasn't sent a request — for example, to destroy abandoned or test accounts.

Log in to a client account

Open the list of clients, in the "Accounts" section, find the desired client and click on the "Log in" button in the "Actions" сolumn. You'll log in the client control panel under client's admin user

Important! Currently, users with «Reseller», «Seller» roles share the same UI and available operations in the client control panel.

We are working on granting more rights for "Resellers" and "Sellers" for an account management.

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