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Configure personal visibility of services

You can configure personal visibility in the client's settings: Accounts > Clients > ID > Services.

Configure personal visibility of services

To change the service visibility from OFF to ON, confirm and save settings.

It is allowed to change the service visibility from ON to OFF if a service is in the "New", "Trialend", "Paused", or "Deleted" statuses. As a result:

  • All settings for this service become inactive
  • Disabled services are not displayed in the client's personal account

If a service is in "Trial" or "Active" statuses, you will see an error. Switch its status to "Trialend" or "Paused" before disabling the service, and then try again.

Note: If you make changes in the client's personal visibility settings at least once, the visibility statuses of the personalized products will not be available for further changes from the global visibility settings.

For example, "CDN", "Streaming", "Cloud", "Storage", "Web Protection", and "DNS" services are available for you.

"CDN", "Streaming", and "Cloud" are enabled by default for all clients.

Enabled by default

And the "Storage" service is enabled only for one client, i.e. all three products ("CDN", "Streaming", "Cloud", and "Storage") are visible in the personal visibility settings.

By these settings the "Storage" service is considered as the service with individual settings, all further actions with this service in the global visibility will not affect the "Storage" visibility settings in the personal visibility of this client.

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