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Manage sellers

Use the "Users" section, "Sellers" tab to add, edit or delete users with Sellers rights.

Creating Seller accounts

To add a Seller go the "Sellers" tab and click on the "Add Seller" button.

Creating Seller accounts

In a new window specify the Seller's name, email and phone number then click on the Send Invite button. An email with the password set up link will be sent to the specified email. The link will be active for 24 hours.

There is a "Status" column on the "Sellers" tab where you can see whether a Seller has followed the link ("Activated" status) in the email or not ("Not activated" status).

If the link has expired a Reseller can resend the invitation - click on the "Resend Invite" button in the "Actions" сolumn of the desired Seller (the button is shown only if a user hasn't activated the account; the timestamp of the last invitation is also shown next to the Seller status).

Resend Invite button

Deleting Seller accounts

Click on the "Delete Seller" button in the "Actions" сolumn of the desired Seller. Once an account is deleted the Seller loses access to the Admin Portal and password recovery. The user profile (name, email, phone) also becomes unavailable.

Deleting Seller accounts

Seller password recovery

To reset Seller's password use one of two ways:

1. Click on the "Reset password" button in the "Actions" сolumn of the desired Seller.

Reset password

2. Ask Seller to Reset password via the login form on https://admin.gcore.top.

Reset password via the login form

The old password stops working only once the new password is set up.

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