April Updates to Gcore Video Streaming

April Updates to Gcore Video Streaming

We’re thrilled to share some groundbreaking updates that are poised to revolutionize the way you engage with video content. This month’s updates have been focused on bolstering the stability and sustainability of your video streaming. Here’s a rundown of recent highlights at Gcore Video Streaming.

Bulk Import from Google Drive

Say goodbye to manual uploads! You can now effortlessly migrate video files from Google Drive. Plus, we’ve streamlined the migration mechanism for moving video files from large clouds like AWS and Cloudflare, catering to your needs for easy content importation. In the Gcore Customer Portal, simply click Video Hosting > Import from Google Drive, and follow the instructions that appear.

Support for Non-Low Latency Streams

To ensure compatibility and smooth viewing for legacy devices, we’ve introduced support for non-low-latency streams. Despite being non-low latency, these streams still offer reduced latency, typically ranging between 6 and 8 seconds, ensuring a responsive and enjoyable viewing experience for all users.

To activate this feature, integrate the ?no_low_latency attribute in the player or leverage the value from the 'hls_mpegts_url' field in the API. Non-low latency streams operate on the regular version of the HLS protocol, the most widely used protocol in streaming.

Check out this example: https://player.gvideo.co/broadcasts/2675_21606?no_low_latency

Customized Video Playback

Ever wanted to start a video from a specific moment? Now you can! Our updated player allows you to initiate VOD playback from a specified time so you can dive into the action at the point you wish.

Take a look at these examples:

To take advantage of this feature, just add the t parameter in the query string according to the following rules:

  • t=(integer): number of seconds to rewind.
    • Example: t=15
  • t=[(integer)h][(integer)m][(integer)s]: Set rewind time in HMS format.
    • Where h = hours, m = minutes, s = seconds
    • Example: t=1h30m5s

Instant Access to Stream Recordings

Gain instant access to stream recordings, allowing you to retrieve the original recording without any delays. While transcoding remains a crucial aspect for converting recordings into different quality streams with adaptive bitrate, our latest update introduces the flexibility to choose between expedited access to recordings in MP4 format or opt for a comprehensive solution including transcoded videos. This means quicker content access and seamless sharing with others, for example, the ability to copy the video to professional editors, which can be indispensable for TV broadcasters and online sports event providers seeking to prepare match highlights or a professional cut of the match. Learn more in our dedicated API Docs article.

This function is available upon request from your account manager or the Gcore support team.

Live Stream Screenshots

Capture key moments during live streams effortlessly. Our platform automatically generates screenshots every 10 seconds, providing you with the ability to capture and share highlights with ease. Learn more over at Gcore API Docs.

Extended DVR Archiving Duration

We’ve extended the previous default DVR archiving duration beyond one hour. Now, your end users can adjust this parameter to the desired duration per stream, gaining the flexibility to rewind live streams and watch live broadcasts at their own pace. Simply adjust the dvr_duration parameter to the desired duration.

Stream Information Retrieval Simplified

Retrieve stream information with ease using our enhanced POST method. Gain immediate access to links for transcoded streams, simplifying the playback process.

While previously, two requests were required for the POST method, now you can make just a single request. The POST method returns links to the transcoded streams immediately:

    "id": 1,
    "hls_cmaf_url": "https://yourcid.gvideo.io/cmaf/1_2647981/master.m3u8",
    "hls_mpegts_url": "https://yourcid.gvideo.io/mpegts/1_2647981/master_mpegts.m3u8",
    "iframe_url": "https://yourcid.gvideo.io/streams/1_2647981",
    "dash_url": "https://yourcid.gvideo.io/cmaf/1_2647981/index.mpd",

Stay Tuned for More Updates

We’re constantly working on further enhancements and optimizations to elevate your streaming experience. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the coming weeks!

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