Conference. How to create and manage a conference

A conference is a real-time online meeting for several participants.

This format of an online meeting involves the simultaneous transmission of video and audio for two or more participants, as well as screen sharing and the ability to communicate via a text chat.

With Meet, it is possible to hold online conferences for 2–20 participants.

How to create an online room for a conference

To create an online room for a conference:

1. Click Create Room for Free on the website


2. Select Create Conference.


3. On the page that opens will be a link to your conference. To enter the room, click Join now.


4. If you want to make the conference more secure, click the box next to Private Room, and set a 4-digit password to access the conference.


In this case, when participants click the link, they will be asked to enter the password you specified.

Please, note!  Participants who only have a link to the conference will not be able to open it.

5. Allow access to the camera and microphone, enter the name that will see all the participants.

! If you accidentally blocked access to the camera and microphone, follow the instructions.


6. Select the camera and microphone.


7. Click Join.

8. The online conference room opens.

How to invite participants to an online conference

To invite participants to the conference, click Invite and choose the best way for you: share it on one of the popular social networks or copy the link.


After participants click the link, they should allow access to the camera and microphone, enter a name and select the camera and microphone.

Available options: screen sharing, chat


During the conference, participants can write text messages in the chat.

To write a message in the chat:

1. In the conference room, click the chat icon at the bottom of the

2. Write a message in the field shown in the screenshot and click on the button with the arrow sign to send the message.

Screen sharing

During the conference, participants can show their screen.

To do this, click the button with the monitor sign at the bottom of the screen:


Select which part of the screen you want to show to the audience: the entire screen, the application window, or the browser tab.


Click Share.



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